Negative Feelings

5 limiting beliefs that block money from coming to you

You feel negative toward money deep within yourself

I’ve been working in personal coaching with thousands of clients, and in the beginning, all of them told me they love money! But when we looked closely, I discovered the following feelings:

  • Regret that they couldn’t make more money
  • Anxiety because of the lack of money
  • Frustration when they wanted to buy something but couldn’t afford it
  • Under pressure because of the debts
  • Every time they got a bill, the mood dropped down

And dozens more situations regarding money, they felt negative feelings. How will you feel if you constantly feel negative because of the money? So, deep inside your subconscious mind, there is a belief that money is evil. Hence, you become repulsive to money without realizing it.

Problems are because of money or lack of money.

You believe that if you win the lottery and have millions of dollars, you will get rid of all your problems, right?

You will:

  • Pay back all your debts
  • Quit your job and get a huge relief
  • Buy a new luxurious car
  • Buy new clothes
  • Buy the house of your dream
  • Have a trip to some fabulous place
  • Buy your kids whatever they want
  • Pay for prestigious education for them
  • Relax and enjoy your life

But you don’t have money, and that is why life is bleak. You have debts that put you under pressure. You live in a small rented flat and drive an old car or public transport. You can not afford prestigious education for your children. And, of course, everything is because of money.

Excuse me for reminding you all this. I feel your pain because I was in the same position. I am sure you can change your money mindset and live an abundant lifestyle.

I can’t earn more money.

You look at your job and realize that you have not been getting paid more for years, so why should you get more right now?

Or if you run your own business and provide service for people, your hourly wage is X. To get more money, you need to work more, but you are tired of this amount of hours, so you can’t do more.

I totally understand you. I had a job, and there was a limit on how much I could get.

Looking at the sources of income you have right now, you don’t believe you can make it. And if you don’t believe, you block all money opportunities from coming to your doorway.

Believe me, you can do more! I helped thousands of people to do it. Life is abundant, and it will manifest everything you want – an increase in income in particular. I went through that path from poverty to abundance, and opportunities appeared very unusual and unexpected.

It’s hard to earn money.

Yes, since my childhood, I have believed in that too. Read this story and find out my early beliefs about money.

You look at your current experience and see how difficult it is to earn money. And all the jobs you worked at just reconfirmed that. It was the same in my case. When did things change? When I decided to make money on my hobby (personal development). Of course, when I started my personal development business, I didn’t earn money at all for a year, but I liked what I was doing, and I was ready to work as long as it took.

So, it’s only a belief that earning money is hard! There is a way how you can earn money easily. For 8 years, I did the “Life Purpose” training program and helped more than 5000 people make money easily by doing what they love.

For now, just believe that you can make money with ease!

I don’t have enough money.

Over and over again, since your childhood, you think and feel it. You lacked money when you were a child, you lacked money when you grew up, and you lack money now. It seems like you are destined to be short on money all your life. NO! It’s a lie! You can change your mindset and have an abundance of money. But this belief is super strong because it has been reconfirmed daily for 30-40 years! If you subconsciously believe in it, indeed, you will repel money. (If you have read my story, you know how I got this belief.)

But the good news is that you can change your beliefs! You can influence your mindset and instill beliefs you want to have. The mind’s power is unlimited, so you just need to direct it in the right direction.

“I can change my life” or “I can not change my life” are beliefs too! If you believe you can change, you really can!

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