5 negative emotions

5 negative emotions that make you feel sad and limit money coming to you

I’ve written a very similar article, “5 Feelings that kill your money flow”. What’s the difference between the current one and the previous one?

These 2 articles are absolutely different.

In this article, I discuss emotions that happen from time to time due to various circumstances, and they momentarily block the money flow to you. But, when these emotions calm down, money flow restores automatically. So, these emotions block the money flow temporarily. In the previous article, I discussed 5 deep feelings that have settled within a person for years and have limited the money flow constantly.


Do you have a child? Have you ever presented them with something you valued a lot, and they haven’t liked it?

Let’s take the situation that you buy your child the latest iPhone Pro model, and the child, instead of being happy and grateful, complains about the color or not enough gigabytes of space in the iPhone.

At that exact moment, you feel frustration. You spent money, time, and energy buying the gift, which was not being accepted with pleasure.

Would you try your best the next time to present a gift for the child? I think not. You would say, “they are not grateful, I’m out.”

In the same way, the Universe gets “disappointed” in us. It makes people’s dreams come true, and people are not grateful. They take everything for granted and want more and more expressing discontent and complaining about “not exactly the way I wanted.”

Frustration blocks the desire to make more money. It lowers energy and limits the money flow.


Though a lot of people are doing quite well if to say about income, they often complain:

  • It is too expensive. I don’t understand why it is so costly
  • Oh, the prices go up… Why has this happened? My income hasn’t increased.
  • They pay much less than they should

People complain about tiny issues. And these tiny issues add up over time and cause a significant change in the mindset. A person changes from being enthusiastic and optimistic to gloomy and grumbling about life. Obviously, the money flow dries up, which makes a person even more discontent and mean.

Change the feeling of complaint to gratitude! Maybe, these troubles and issues are your blessings that appear on your way to change it for the better?


Have you ever failed to achieve your goals? Probably, yes.

At the time, you were devastated; it seemed like the end of the world. You beat yourself up, blame and criticize yourself, weren’t you?

Have you ever been grateful for missing that goal later?

Maybe, you failed to get a job but later started your business, and you were so grateful that you didn’t get that job because you wouldn’t have started a business.

I’ve been grateful to the Universe for failing in the MLM business because I later started my own business in personal development. But when I failed in MLM, I beat myself up, called myself a loser, and I thought that my life was over and never would I achieve anything in my life.

Five years after my failure, I understood that failure was the biggest blessing in my life.

So, don’t be frustrated about your failures. Don’t ruin your self-esteem. Maybe, this failure is a blessing, and you will find out about it later.


Are you feeling regret for the years that passed by? Or the missed opportunities?

Many clients I worked with regretted missing years. “Oh, I am 45. I haven’t achieved big results in life.”

Women complained about past beauty and sexuality “I’m 52, and I’m not as beautiful as I was in my twenties”.

Men recalled successful years when business was booming and complained with regret that those years were gone.

The worst thing about regret is – it carries a person away from current reality to the wonderful past. And in comparison with the past, now the person is miserable. Realizing it, they feel even more forlorn.


How often did you feel upset watching other people on Instagram feeling envious?

If to say about me – thousands of times! That’s why I don’t like social media. Every time I watch it, I find myself miserable. And the fun was that many of those people appeared to be in enormous debt! I thought they were so successful, and I was a loser compared to them.

Often we envy people who are totally broke and unhappy in life but show themself super successful, making others feel like they do.

When I understood one simple thing, “I don’t know the true reality of that person,” I stopped being envious.

Don’t let anybody make you doubt yourself and fool you with bright pictures on Instagram.

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