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That was because of a recent event when she got into an accident with a young moped rider. He was drunk, and he appeared on her way unnoticeably and unexpectedly. He was not hurt much, but he was the son of some wealthy high official. Of course, a court found her guilty, and she had to pay a HUGE fine. She didn’t have that kind of money. To pay the fine, she got into debt.

Due to this situation, she believed that:
  • World wasn’t fair;
  • There is no justice in the world;
  • A court and government in the country were corrupted;
  • There was no sense in making money because one day, a similar nightmare could happen, and you would lose everything;
She was devastated. She took therapy, but it didn’t help. She asked God for help! And one day, she encountered my bestseller, “Open your money flow,” on the internet. She told me later: “Your book gave me hope! It was so energetic and optimistic that I believed you could help me”. She read my other books, then articles about beliefs, watched meditations and felt much better. She didn’t get such a result with a therapist. Then she signed up for my online training and shortly to personal coaching.  She was 43, divorced, and had a daughter. She worked as an accountant at a big national company. But the trouble was that she had to go 60 km to another city every morning because there were no jobs in her small town with a salary of $900 and more. She left at 6:10 am, and at 8:30 am, she was at the office. She finished her work at 5:30 pm, and around 8 pm, she was home.  Could you imagine how to waste 4 hours daily going to and from work? And during this journey, she thought about her past: her divorce and the accident. 

When we started coaching

the first thing I noticed was the FEAR of the future.
  • She was afraid that all her life, she would be an accountant
  • She would become that unsatisfied with life grumbling, arrogant elderly woman who hates everybody
  • She would not have relationships because nobody needs her
  • A daughter would grow up and leave
She was so afraid of being lonely. And that fear made her procrastinate and complain about life. She still remembered her marriage and happy life with a husband and blamed herself for being unable to save a family. She felt guilty. She was filled with guilt, resentment, fear, upset, and frustration. These are the MOST powerful feelings that block the money flow. Being embittered by the world, you can NOT change her life for the better. So, we started by removing these negative feelings from her heart. To open your money flow, your heart should be clear from resentment, guilt, and fear and filled with dreams and enthusiasm for reaching them. The next step was to have dreams and desires and, most importantly, believe in them! At the time, SHE BELIEVED:
  • There is no high-paid job in our city
  • Even if there is such a job, you can get it only by having connections with influential people. And I don’t have any connections
  • Our city is small and poor
  • I have never made big money
  • I think I could not make good money
She didn’t dream about a good job because of her limiting beliefs. She didn’t believe it was possible. At this stage, we had to remove her limiting beliefs to let her dream about a new job.

If there is no dream, life will stand still.

Once we changed these beliefs to positive, which I helped her create, we returned to her desires. I asked her to describe a job she would like to have. The first thing she told me was: “I want it to be in my city, preferably, a 10-15 minutes drive from my home”. The second thing: “I want to make at least the same money as I am making right now.” And a few more: “I want to work a maximum of 8 hours a day on weekdays,” “I want to have a free schedule, so I can come and leave whenever I want.”. I helped her to create a correct and detailed desire.

Programming the subconscious mind to attract the desired result

That was the last step toward achieving her dream. At this stage, we used visualization, feel the feeling, and meditations techniques to attract the dream job. She noticed that doing visualization and meditations together worked WAY better than she had done alone. She was very good at visualization because she easily created images in her mind. All the images were vivid and real. Thanks to visualization, she envisioned her dream job, felt happiness and joy working at a new job. And with the help of meditations we instilled new job-attracting beliefs into her subconscious mind.

The Result was not long in coming

In two months, she got a call from her friend suggesting she send a resume to a certain company. The friend told her that the company opened a vacancy for an accountant in her city! She passed the interview, but she was refused. Another woman received a job. Svetlana was upset. But shortly, a miracle happened. HR called her and asked if she still was willing to get a job. The woman that got a job failed the trial. Svetlana got a great job in her city. And it turned out that the job was exactly as we described – the salary was the same as at her previous job, but in her town, 15 minutes drive from her home! The working conditions were much better compared to her last job. With a new job, she could go home for dinner and spend mornings walking along the beach by the sea in her city. She was elated! But that was only the start of her magical changes!

How did she increase her income threefold?

Once she told me that she had helped many friends with accounting. But she did it for free because “they were my friends.” Her friends recommended her to their neighbors, and she made some accounting reports for a symbolic fee of $20. She said, “I help people for free! I make money thanks to my job”. Her parents told her that she had to help people for free! Wow! That was a revelation for me. She wanted to make more money but did her job for others for free! I suggested she transform that help into an extra income! But, she was scared of:
  • Losing her friends;
  • Rumors that she thought only about money and money was the main thing for her;
  • Receive money and fail with a report;
  • If she receives money, she must do the job well;
We had to change these limiting beliefs so that she could make more money. We started to work on changing them.

She didn’t have any sales experience.

She didn’t have any business or marketing skills. She didn’t know how to communicate with potential and existing customers, so they hire her for the work. That was a big step we should have made together. I taught her:
  • how to present herself;
  • how to set the price;
  • how to negotiate the price;
  • how to deal with objections.
Then, in our coach-sessions, we handled every rejection, and I explained what she should have said differently to make a sale. That strategy worked out. Gradually she started to announce a price for her work, and she made sales—a $100 work, then $200, $500. And in a year she got $1000 work and later $5000! And that was EXTRA money to her salary! Of course, she had extra projects, not every month, but still, on average, she made +$1000 to her salary.

She got a significant raise in salary, plus bonuses.

It wasn’t luck, but hard work on her mindset. She had never asked for a raise because she believed she had to do her job outstanding, and her boss would suggest a raise in salary. But it had never happened. I told her that was a limiting belief. Nobody would raise her salary unless she asked for it! She was afraid to ask:
  • I will get fired, if I ask
  • I will be rejected if I ask
  • I’ll look like a beggar
  • I will lose credibility. Nobody likes beggars.
I knew for sure these fears had nothing to do with reality. I went through it by myself. These were the next set of limiting beliefs we had to overcome. Indeed, she finally got a raise after a few rejections.


Now she works as a deputy of a chief financial officer in the company. Her salary grew threefold, plus bonuses. And in parallel, she does extra accounting projects, making an average of $3000-5000 per quarter in additional income. And in March 2023, she bought a flat! As for me, an outstanding result for an accountant! Now you see how changing beliefs work! Change your beliefs – change your life! I have hundreds of similar success stories, and I’m totally sure that by changing your beliefs, you will make three-five-ten fold more money!


If everything or something in the list above applies to you, unfortunately, yes, you do have money blocks and limiting beliefs.


You can receive much more money! You’re capable of doing it. But your mind constantly worries, races negative thoughts like “not enough money,” and creates the reality in which you lack more and more money.


Your mind was programmed for lack of money in your childhood. Probably your parents were not wealthy, so they struggled for money too. They had to fight for every dollar to cover living expenses and raise you. You watched their hardships and struggles, and that became the only money model you learned in your childhood. Moreover, it is the nature of your mind to fear, worry, and doubt. These negative feelings and other negative thoughts push money away from you.

What should I do to make much more money?
Reprogram your mind!

Now you’re conscious, and you make all the decisions on your own. So, decide to change your reality for the better – change your mindset by removing limiting beliefs that cause negative thoughts and emotions and creating money-attracting beliefs.


Are you aware of the fact that you possess unlimited power? You can manifest your desirable income with the help of your mind! Do you remember how many things you have achieved in life? Graduated from the university, got your first job and made your own money, got a promotion or started your business, raised a child, bought a flat/car, etc.?

You can achieve your goals and make your dreams come true!

Right now is just not the best period in your life. Let us make you great again! We will bring back your happy time and make you thrive and flourish again! With my help and support, you will skyrocket! The only thing we need to do – is to tune your mind to attract more money.


If you’re an employee, you will:

If you’re an entrepreneur, you will:


Every opportunity, every project, and every sales presentation brings you money.

That’s what a money mindset gives you!

Imagine how you will feel if you forget about the lack of money.

  • Buy whatever you want for you and your child!
  • No STRESS about bills EVER!
  • Travel wherever you want and enjoy the beauty of nature
  • Invest in opportunities you want
  • Hang out with rich people

Just try the personal risk-free coach-session to remove the biggest money block.


It was in a far away 2008 when I found myself on a “How to make money on the internet” sales page. I was terrified to purchase an e-course because I had never purchased anything online. So I had dozens of excuses to quit. But I thought, “Maybe, that page was an answer to my prayer for help?” I asked God to help me to find a way how can I make money on my personal development hobby. Finally, I bought the e-course, and that was the starting point of my personal development business that brought me Millions of Dollars.

Haven’t you thought of maybe this page and coach-session is an answer to your prayer?

I heard from people hundreds of times that I changed their financial destiny. That’s my gift, and I’m happy to share it with you.


Alex Andreev

I am Alex Andreev, and I am a money-mindset coach. I help people to make more money by changing their mindset by finding and removing mental money blocks and instilling money-attracting beliefs.

I started my personal development business in 2008 in the Russian-speaking market as I’m from Ukraine.

  • I’ve been coaching people for 14 years
  • I have personally coached more than 1000 people
  • In overall, I completed more than 10 000 coach-sessions. One-on-one coaching is my favorite thing!
  • Since 2013, I have done around 70 live trainings
  • And more than 100 online trainings and group coaching programs on money mindset.

Hundreds of success stories and video testimonials are available on my old website, andreevalexandr.com. Unfortunately, my old clients spoke the Russian language.

Because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I closed my Russian-speaking business and switched to the English-speaking market.

Alex Andreev


We will start with your goal! How much money do you want to make?

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We will find money blockages and negative limiting beliefs that push money away from you. We will scan your life since childhood and reveal the core money blocks.

Remove these money blocks and limiting beliefs with the help of meditations and other techniques.

We will create new money-attracting beliefs

I will help you to make them correctly so that the new beliefs will be easily instilled in your mind.

We will instill these money-attracting beliefs in your mind

We’ll do it together in our coach-sessions. I’ll guide you through the process.

I’ll reveal which techniques work best for you so everything will be fast and easy.

Receive more money and reaffirm new money-attracting beliefs

In this step, you’ll get more money, so you’ll be happier and more joyful. We’ll use your positive emotions and feelings to solidify your new money-attracting beliefs, so they become yours forever.


If you don’t fit any categories, just message me and describe your situation.


  1. You will get the first results immediately after the first coach-session. The result will be a change in your feeling and emotions. You will feel energized, motivated, upbeat, and hopeful.
  2. The first financial result you will notice after the 3rd coach-session. That will be some good news that influences your finances, some small unexpected income, etc.
  3. The first measurable financial result you will get in one month (approximately 12-15 coach-session) because, during this time, we will remove some of your core limiting beliefs.
  4. Significant growth of income you can expect after half a year

Why am I sure about it?

I have worked with thousands of people in personal coaching, completed hundreds of coaching programs and trainings, and watched people get the results. Of course, some people got results faster, some slower.


The first 45-min coach-session is really absolutely free.

There is NO CATCH. 

I have been coaching clients for 14 years in the Russian-speaking market, but because of the war in Ukraine, I closed my consulting business and switched to the English-speaking market. 

So, because I’m just starting, I am offering the 1st coach-session with a 100% guarantee.



The current price is 100% off my regular price ($500) I worked in the Russian-speaking market.

Why am I giving such a big discount?

First of all, I am new to the English-speaking market, and I want to do maximum coach-sessions in English.

Secondly, I want to get feedback and testimonials from my new English-speaking clients.

Thirdly, I want to practice my English.

If you don’t like the coach-session and feel that you wasted your time, just let me know I will make a refund.


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Just sign up for a coach-session. If you like it, great, we will continue our money-mindset coaching program. If not, feel free to request a refund.

So, everything that you risk is 45 minutes of your time!

But this one coach-session can change your financial destiny forever!

Isn’t it worth trying it?


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Feel free to book a coach-session with the “Pay Later” option. I will contact you, and we will discuss your questions and concerns.

Anyway, there is a 100% guarantee on our first coach-session. If you find it worthless, ask for a refund, and you will get all your money back.

You don’t need to have a question. The only thing you need is to have the desire to make more money.

During the coach-session, I will ask you to tell me more about your financial problems, and I will guide you toward your goal. 

Yes, you can reschedule a coach-session 24 hours before it.

If you want to reschedule for less than 24 hours, you will lose 15 minutes of the coach-session.

We have a 45-min session. If you’re late, the time of our session will reduce to the amount of time you’ve been late. For example, if you are 10 minutes late, we will have our session for 35 minutes.

Probably, you are OK with your current financial situation. Come back when you have time.

We can do coach-session via any other meeting service like Google Hangout, Skype, or even Whatsapp. But in this case, the recording is unavailable.

No. You don’t have to prepare anything.

I totally understand your fear. That’s normal to be afraid of new people and new experiences. Be sure I will guide you, and the coach-session will go smoothly.  I have completed more than 10000 coach-sessions. I will do my best so you get a valuable and pleasurable experience.

If you feel that you lost money after the coach-session, just let me know, and I will make a refund.

My specialization is money mindset! If you have money problems, I will definitely help you.

Usually, yes, but if a client asks not to do it, I will stop the recording.

Within 24 hours after the coach-session, I will send you a video/audio that comes with the full-text transcription.

You will choose the date and time of our coach-session by yourself in the calendar. The date is available from tomorrow and up to 30 days from now on.