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How to attract a Million-Dollar idea that will actually bring you $1’000’000 and more?

At that time, I was reading the website intensely. He was in personal development and earned $1000 a day on his website. My dream was to do personal development and make money from my hobby.

I dreamed of making $10000 on my personal development hobby, being free, and living independently. At that time, I had a job, studied at university, and ran an MLM business. I didn’t like any of these occupations. My heart was in personal development. But I didn’t have any idea how to do it. I could only dream about it.

And once, I encountered one super exciting article on his website about how to attract faster your desire into your life.

The idea of the article is

Right now, you are in a point A in your life.

Point B is the point in the future where your dream is achieved.

My point A was no personal development occupation and $0 income out of it. Instead, I had 3 occupations I didn’t like.

Point B was a place in my future where I had a personal development occupation, and I made $10000 on it.

  • You have to define what kind of person you will be at that point.
  • What will be your habits?
  • What will you think about?

And the task is to close the gap step by step every day.

It was not about closing the gap by buying the things you couldn’t afford to buy, but about your mindset.

The main question that blew my mind was:

How much money would you have in your wallet making $10000 a month?

My instantaneous answer was: $1000. I would have $1000 in my wallet.

And the author said: “So, put this amount into your wallet right now! But DON’T spend this money, don’t try to live like you’re in point B”. The purpose of this money was to change the mindset only!

I was shocked to hear that!

Firstly, $1000 was a big sum for me. I made $1000 in 2 months.

Secondly, I didn’t have it.

Thirdly, I was super afraid to have them in my wallet and carry them with me.

My intuition silently but firmly told me, “Do it!”

I took all my savings, asked mum to borrow money for the experiment, and put it into my wallet. The next day I had $1000 in my wallet.

What strong stress had I experienced! My voice trembled when I communicated. All my thoughts were focused on the wallet only when I was out of the home.

I was so scared that somebody could have stolen my wallet with all the money in it. I didn’t have a car, so I used public transportation, and every moment, I thought about my wallet. I heard lots of stories about robbers who stole wallets on public transportation.

 It seemed like a cold sweat came into my face. I always tried to hold my hand in the pocket on my wallet.

Those 3 days were dreadful. Fears, doubts, concerns, worries, and negative thoughts were mixed up together. But in 3 days, my mindset changed; I seemed to get used to big money in my wallet, and I felt calmer. Sometimes,  I felt like a rich person.

Of course, while trying this practice, I continued to do my favorite one – “Feel the Feeling.”

And once I got used to $1000 in my pocket and felt rich, I got the idea – type into Google: “How to earn money on the internet.” That was the starting point of my personal development business!

What was the real challenge for me?

  1. Overcome the initial rejection. When I read about that technique, I thought it was an interesting method, but I couldn’t do it because I didn’t have enough money to put into my wallet.
  2. Keep money in your wallet and dont spend. I used to spend money that was in my wallet.
  3. Overcome the fear of losing the money
  4. Endure all negative thoughts and feelings while carrying money in your pocket.

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