Meditations helped me a lot to reprogram my mind for success

I remember one day, my friend called me and told me he had found meditations for business growth. At that time, my business was up and running. It generated $1000 per month, so I quit my job and worked only on growing my business.

He explained that meditations were audio practices that you listen to with your eyes closed and feel and visualize everything you hear.

My friend bought these meditations and sent me some audio to listen to.

Wow! I liked them!

The voice carried me to some virtual reality, where I had a successful business running and an abundance of clients. These clients bought everything I was selling, and I had plenty of money. It was a sort of visualization for my future business.

After the meditation, I felt like I was in seventh heaven. I saw my dream business and what I had achieved. I believed I could do it in reality!

Meditations showed me my future.

Doing meditations, I tuned my mind for my new bright future.

I lived in poverty, and thanks to these meditations, I saw an abundant future. So, meditation by meditation, I started to get used to a new reality.

Some meditations were like stories where I gained business and personal experience. These meditations built an imaginary reality, but the more time I spent in that reality, the more my beliefs about myself, life, and business were altered.

Meditations seamlessly and subtly changed my beliefs.

I liked my mental and emotional state after doing meditations. I felt highly upbeat, confident, and enthusiastic about my future. I was full of energy to grow my business. I believed that everything was possible for me. The sky was the limit. With that kind of confidence and energy, I could move mountains.

And really, I came up with new business ideas, raised the prices, and my sales skyrocketed.

I dreamt that someday I would create my own meditations. I didn’t know what these meditations would be about, but I visualized how people bought them and left wonderful testimonials.

That day came when I was doing my “Find Life Purpose” training. I decided to create my own meditation and, during the next class, did it with my clients. Attendees were astounded, and I received plenty of positive feedback.

People told me that my meditations were miraculous and they hadn’t heard something close to it ever. When I held my first live event, I did a few meditations. Attendees were fascinated by them and asked me to do more meditations.

Finally, at the beginning of 2013, I found my niche in the personal development business. I helped people to create a money mindset! People wanted to make more money to afford a comfortable lifestyle for themselves and their families. And I fulfilled their desire to make more money.

I have been studying self-suggestion and programming the subconscious mind since I was fourteen.

I gathered all my knowledge and experience and created money meditations—these meditations I was doing during my live events and online classes. People came across that kind of meditations for the first time.

At the beginning of 2014, I created the first meditative-online training. During each class, I did one-hour meditation. That training was a huge success. Since then, I have been entirely into meditations. I was totally confident that meditations brought good results and people loved them. I received thousands of five-grades for my meditations and hundreds of feedback on how meditations attracted money to people.

I couldn’t have expected such a big success!

How to choose meditations, that would work for you?

Start with your goal!

Do you want to use meditations for:

  1. achievements in physical world (e.g. make more money, achieve success in business, get more clients, buy a flat, travel)
  2. find inner peace and harmony (e.g. wind down from a tough day, relax, calm down, get rid of anxiety, worries and fears, feel happiness)?

There is false belief that meditations are only for inner peace and harmony. NO! Nowadays you can find meditations for everything.

I’ve been doing money meditations since 2013. And as a side effect these meditations made people to feel better. When they received more money, certainly their mood was up and their were happier than before.

Guided and unguided meditations

Guided – are the type of meditations, when author guides you to a goal with the help of his voice. All my meditations were guided. With words I guided people to receive more money. I helped people to picture themselves living rich and abundant lifestyle. I lived that lifestyle, so I picture a real-life emotional pictures for people. And they bathed in that energy of abundance. They literally feel all those feelings of abundance and affluence.

With the help of words I created pictures in the minds of people and feelings in their hearts. In such a way I programmed their mindset for richness.

Guided meditations can include a background music or sounds. But it is an optional feature as the voice plays the major role here.

Guided meditations can be used both for achieving results and finding inner peace. So, you want to achieve results, you should better choice the author who is results oriented.

If your goal is find inner peace, choose a spiritual author who resonates with your heart.

The best advice I can give you – just follow your heart! Feel with your heart and rely only on feelings when choosing an author. Your heart will be your best guide.

Below the text I published a few of my meditations for attracting money, growing your business and getting rid of anxiety. Listen to them with your eyes closed and feel with your heart how do you like these meditations.

Unguided – are the type of meditations with music or sounds only. No voice included in these meditations.

These meditations are very useful when you are your own guide. You know exactly what you know and you don’t need the help of guide.

For example, I have been using these types of meditations for years for myself. I knew exactly that I wanted to live a flat overlooking the sea and do my business from home. So, I turned on unguided meditations with the pleasant music or sounds of nature and visualized my flat! (I have to admit that this dream came true, and I’m writing this watching the sea from the room).

Another good option for using these type of meditation is for acquiring inner calmness and relaxation. For example, you had a very tough day: all day long you communicated with people and solved various problems and now you want to relax and just calm down to find inner peace.

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