Nataly Fisher

I’ve been working with Alex for 1,5 years. I quit my hated job and started grooming dogs. I adore dogs.
In January I got my first client, then more and more! Now I make 50% more than I made at a full-time job.

I have never dreamt about being an entrepreneur. I thought I was not capable of being my own boss. But thanks to Alex I learned the sales skills and gained entrepreneurial mindset!

Eugene Maison

I'm 27 and a fitness trainer.
Thanks to Alex, my income quadrupled. I learned how to book free consultations with potential clients, and with the effective sales methods Alex taught me, I'm now closing deals.
Before, I was terrible at sales. I doubled my prices and am fully booked.

Now, I know exactly how to consistently acquire clients.
I'm confident about my future! I absolutely recommend Alex as a coach.

Emily Parker

Six months ago, I was desperate. I didn't have the money to pay my bills. Alex said that he would help me grow my business and attract loyal clientele and in 6-8 months I would feel stable and secure.
Now, it's the sixth month, and it's been my best month ever in terms of income and clients. I’m a freelance accountant and now I have seven loyal clients who pay me month after month. My income has increased by 80% since we started.

Alex is a brilliant and very talented person. I am very grateful to Alex for what he has done for me. He is a unique individual.

Helen Davidson

I own a print shop. I’ve been working with Alex for over 10 years. My husband started the business, but in 2015 it almost went bankrupt. I decided to take responsibility for the business.

Thanks to Alex's support, I not only avoided bankruptcy but made the business thrive.

Now I run a multi-million dollar company, and the best part is that I managed to pay off the mortgage for our 11,500 sq. ft. facility.

Vitaly Marsh

I'm the owner of a brick-and-mortar electrical store. Despite my massive efforts, my business was stagnating. I wanted to pay off my debt and was considering taking out another $100K loan to open a second shop, hoping my revenue would increase enough to cover the debt. Then, I stumbled across Alex’s website. He seemed really business-savvy, so I decided to book a consultation.

What I realized during our conversation shocked me—it turns out that opening another shop would only drive me deeper into debt. Instead, Alex advised me to focus on sales and marketing to promote the store I already had. And offered his guidance.

I’ve been working with Alex for 5 years now. I’ve paid off all my business debts, including the shop property, quadrupled my revenue, and my take-home income has increased sevenfold. Alex is a genius. If you’re dealing with money issues, he’s the one to help you out.

Victoria Hatfield

Three years ago, I started doing hair extensions. I charged low prices. I was deep in debt from paying for my hair courses and beauty education. My calendar was half-empty. I asked God for help, and one day, I found Alex’s book and attended his webinar. I wanted to enroll in Alex’s annual membership program, but I didn’t have the money. Luckily, I sold my car and paid for the program immediately. Alex is an incredible coach. He not only helped me with selling my services but also helped me build a money-attracting mindset. I was drowning in debt because of my numerous blockages and limiting beliefs about money and sales. I didn’t want to be pushy or salesy. Alex helped me find my personal approach to sales, so I feel comfortable.

Now, my calendar is fully booked, and I’ve increased my prices by 30%. I feel content and relieved.

Catherine Rogers

I’m a fashion designer, but I was barely making ends meet at the end of the month. Potential clients would tell me, “I’ll think about it,” and then never get back to me. Thanks to Alex’s coaching, I immediately attracted a premium client who placed a $3K order. Later, I designed and tailored her entire wardrobe. I realized I was talking to the wrong audience. Alex helped me to find my niche and my perfect audience. As a result my income boosted significantly.

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