What are affirmations?

It’s not a secret anymore that your dominant thoughts create your life. Fifty thousand thoughts are racing in your head every day. Most of these thoughts are unconscious and do not influence our lives. But 1-5% of thoughts are repetitive and dominant. When a thought repeats constantly, it becomes a conviction and influences decision-making. And often, these thoughts are limiting.

This is where affirmations come into place.

Affirmations are conscious intentional thoughts aimed to replace limithing and negative thoughts.

In essence, affirmations are thoughts.  You can repeat affirmations out loud or silently.

Perhaps, affirmations is the simplest and powerful way to influence a subconscious mind. You can repeat affirmations silently anytime and anywhere you want. Just choose an affirmation that expresses your wish and repeat it several times.

It doesn’t matter where you are right now in your life, what was your past or where you are heading to. It is important to make an affirmation correctly and work with it, and you will notice the positive change in life very quickly.

How do affirmations work?

Affirmations substitute your existing unconscious thoughts, which are often negative.

At a certain point of time, there is only one thought in the mind, so affirmations fill your mind with the right thoughts that move you toward your dreams and goals.

Imagine a glass of muddy water.

You put it under the tap, and start filling the glass with clean water. Muddy water flows over the edges, and clean water fills the glass. Over time, all dirty water will be replaced by clean water.

The same thing happens in the human mind. Now the mind (glass) is filled with negative thoughts and beliefs. When you work on a new affirmation, it replaces the old one. But it does not happen immediately. The stronger the old belief, the more time and effort you need to replace it.

The role of affirmations is to surround oneself with mentally positive thoughts that contribute to achieving dreams and goals.

If a particular thought is held in mind long enough, it evokes emotions that activate the law of attraction, manifesting your dream into reality.

Affirmations have nothing to do with your current reality. They are based on how you would like to see your reality.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “You become what you think about all day.”

Using affirmations every day is the easiest way to change your reality.

We have 50000 thoughts daily, so why do only 1-5% impact our lives? Because these thoughts evoke emotions!

How to make an affirmations

1. Affirmations should always say what you want and not what you don’t want

Affirmations should state what you want to acquire and not get rid of.

Affirmations should state about achieving something and not escaping from something.  You get what you focus on! 

Incorrect affirmations:

  • I don’t want to run out of money
  • I don’t want to have low income
  • I don’t want to work so hard to earn money

Correct affirmations:

  • I have abundance of money
  • My income is high!
  • I make money easily and comfortably

Do you get the point?

Affirmations should be stated only in an affirmative way. That’s why they are called affirmations.

The word “not” is prohibited in any form. If you want to succeed in a particular sphere, the affirmation may sound like this:

«I succeed in …»

And by no means «I won’t lose…» or «I won’t fail.»

Negative affirmations on the subconscious level work the opposite way – they destroy you and instill doubt and concerns into your mind. If you say “lose,” – your mind pictures defeat, and your emotions go down. The word «not» is simply ignored by the subconscious mind. To get positive results, you need to create positive images. Negative images lead to negative outcomes.

Avoid using such words:

  • Not (don’t, didn’t, won’t, wouldn’t, shouldn’t)
  • No
  • Never
  • At no time
  • Quit
  • Get rid of

2. Affirmations must be stated in the present tense

When you repeat affirmations, you should feel you have it right now. Our mind does not understand the past and the future.

When you say, «I will buy a house by the ocean,» your brain understands this as «I don’t have a house by the ocean.»

When you say «I will,» you implicitly say you do not have it now.

Your subconscious does not understand such words as «will,» «soon,» and «tomorrow.» It understands what’s going on right now. How quickly the idea manifests into reality depends on how you accept it. When you tell your subconscious mind that you already have it, it immediately starts to manifest it. When you speak about the future, the mind does not know when to proceed to manifestation and whether to proceed with it at all. 

Wrong affirmations:

  • In 2024, I will buy a new house (although it may be a goal!)
  • I’ll get a promotion
  • This year my income will increase.
  • I want to start a new business.

Correct affirmations:

  • I am living in my new dream house or I am buying my new dream house.  This affirmation can be stated in the past “I’ve bought my dream house”. The main point is to feel you have it right now!
  • I’ve got a promotion!
  • My income increases! (My income has increased recently)
  • I run my new profitable business

 3. Affirmations should be specific

Affirmations should be specific because only specific statements can trigger strong emotions. The whole point is to make the affirmations evoke emotions, and the more emotions they arouse, the better these affirmations will work for you. Only emotions attract your dreams and desires into your life. (Read the article “The Law of Attraction”)

What kind of emotions can create vague, general formulations?

Compare the following two statements:

  • «We’ve bought a house.»
  • «We’ve bought a three-story dream house overlooking the ocean.
  • And this difference creates a significant result.

Want to buy a car?

Compare these two phrases:

(Take a car that you want)

  • «I have a new Mercedes.»
  • «I have a new snow-white luxurious Mercedes C-300 Coupe with a brown-colored leather interior.»

Do you see the difference?

You must have noticed that emotions are stronger in the second affirmations. This is because of the vivid pictures that your imagination draws in the second affirmation.

4. Affirmations should be written using words indicating emotions

We have already discussed the difference between effective and ineffective affirmations and concluded that effective affirmations cause strong emotions.

In order to make our affirmations even more robust, let’s add emotional words to them. When creating affirmations, we should look closely to make them evoke joy, inspiration, and enthusiasm. Any words that will cause strong emotions will also strongly affect your subconscious. The rule is simple: the stronger the emotions, the faster your belief will be instilled into your subconscious mind.

Use vivid words that create positive thoughts that evoke emotions in your head. Here are the good words:

  • Stunning
  • Magnificent
  • Great
  • Comfortable
  • With great joy
  • Easy and simple
  • With pleasure
  • Happily


Affirmations that reinforce your most important life values have enormous power. Think about your values.

Examples of emotional words in affirmations:

  • I enjoy building my own business easily and with great pleasure
  • I am happy to visualize my future every day for 30 minutes
  • I enjoy making $200’000 a year
  • I exercise every morning, feeling happy and joyful
  • I love thinking about promoting my own business

5. Affirmations should state about you and your life only

(Speaking about other people, even very close people, is prohibited)

You must create affirmations only regarding yourself and your life. Affirmations that aim at improving someone’s life will not work. We can’t do the affirmations for someone else.

If you want to help someone change their life, think about what change in yourself will help that person, and direct your affirmations toward these changes in yourself.

Remember, you can’t make someone do anything with affirmations.

The following affirmations will do nothing. You will waste your time and energy:

  • People love and respect me
  • My boss thinks I’m the best employee
  • My spouse and my children love me
  • My mom is feeling better

Instead, I would create affirmations like these:

  • I love and respect myself! (If you love and respect yourself, people will do the same)
  • I believe I’m the best employee
  • I love my spouse and my childer
  • I love my mom and take care of her.

Have you noticed how these affirmations differ from previous ones? They focus on you!

You can not influence other people with your thoughts. And no one else can influence your life with their thoughts. You create your reality only with your thoughts.

The secret of affirmations is being able to repeat them easily and comfortably. Imagine that your statement consists of more than 10 words. How many times can you repeat it? The optimal number of words in an affiliation is 5 words.

For example, «I’m buying a new luxurious house by the ocean.» If repeated constantly, this affirmation can create a significant change in your life in a very short period. Try to create such an affirmation that evokes very positive feelings at once.

Why may affirmations not work for you?

Often people make significant mistakes in creating affirmations and therefore do not get the desired effect.

Here are a few of them:

  1. Your desire isn’t that strong
  2. Building an affirmation using “can“ or “may.”  For example, «I can be a successful person.» Your subconscious mind knows what you can do. It’s presumable. Moreover, by using these affirmations, you do not take responsibility. 
  3. You do not repeat an affirmation regularly.
  4. Affirmations state about the future. 
  5. Affirmation causes a lot of resistance in you

If you claim that you will have something, it is perceived that you do not have it right now. It will create the opposite effect on your life. The thing you want to manifest in your reality will always be ‘in the future’ and will never be in the current reality.

The effect is weak if you repeat different affirmations each time.

Let me show you: on a sunny day, take a magnifying glass and concentrate sun rays on a single spot. You will easily light a fire! But if you take the same magnifying glass and constantly move it, concentrating the energy of sunrays on different spots, you will achieve nothing because the energy dissipates.

The biggest mistake people make when working with affirmations is a lack of patience. When you begin working with affirmations, you need to break through the thick wall of your current beliefs. It can take a month of hard work, and people have tried a few days and said: «It does not work.» Of course, it does not work because, currently, people already have their set of beliefs that have been formed for years.

If you strongly believe that you are always short on money, your debts get bigger month-to-month, you can not attract money, money is not for you, and so on, surely you will need time to change it all.

How long it takes to change depends on how strong your existing beliefs are.

Examples of affirmations that you can use (although I strongly recommend creating your own affirmations according to the rules I described in this article). Indiviual affirmations work much better than generic.

  • More and more money comes to me every day
  • Every day, I’m getting more confident
  • I’m a genius, and in everything, I always apply my wisdom
  • Now I have more money than ever
  • My business is booming every day
  • I am surrounded only by positive, happy, and successful people
  • The universe always guides me to my dreams in the most harmonious way
  • Every day, I get better and better at making money
  • Every day, my income grows no matter whether I work or chill
  • The universe leads me through life in the best and most harmonious way
  • I deserve a lot of happiness, a great family relationship, and wealth
  • Amazing ideas come to me on time
  • I begin my day with love and gratitude
  • I attract successful people who help me build my business
  • My world cares about me
  • Every day, my life gets better and better
  • My income is constantly increasing
  • I am rich beyond measure
  • I am financially free
  • I deserve my joy and freedom
  • My bank accounts are full of riches
  • I have fun with my wealth
  • I often indulge in luxurious experiences
  • I have so much money I can do everything on my bucket list
  • My life is filled with abundance and joy
  • I am prospering and flourishing
  • I attract money easily and effortlessly
  • I am a money magnet

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