Law Of Attraction

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction states: “You attract into your life the things you think about most.”

So, the conclusion from this law is: “Think about what you DO WANT and ignore the things you dont want.”

Every thought, whether positive or negative, has energy. The Universe manifests thoughts and feelings which HAVE MORE ENERGY regardless of whether you want it or don’t want it.

Energy flows where attention goes.

Have you noticed how many things have been manifested in reality that you didn’t want?

Why that has happened?

You didn’t want it to happen so strongly that you were always thinking about how to avoid it.

But the main object of your thoughts and attention were exactly what you DID NOT WANT. You put energy into what you didn’t want, and that’s why it had been attracted to you. 


Let’s talk about fear.

Fear is an extremely powerful emotion. It is the strongest among negative emotions. Therefore emotions associated with fear are the most energetic. And this powerful energy attracts the object you are afraid of into your life.

Moreover, you constantly keep in mind a picture of the things that you’re afraid of, and the repetition significantly increases the energy. As a result, it is attracted to your life.

You have a sort of closed-loop:

  1. An object arouses a thought, a thought evokes emotions and emotions create reality!
  2. We observe reality
  3. Unconsciously create a new similar object of the same nature (negative emotions create a negative object, positive emotions – positive objects)
  4. Start from step 1.

And as long as you don’t knowingly change an object, you’re going to be moving in a pattern. If it’s a positive circle (red in the picture), then there’s no problem, keep doing it, it’s all good. You attract positive things to yourself. When the circle is negative (gray in the picture), you should consciously break it.

Why are positive things are harder to attract?

Firstly, the world is basically negative.

Secondly, we were raised this way.

We get used to take good things for granted and not put energy into them. The law of attraction doesn’t work without energy.

But, when something bad happens, people resent, complain and argue. They analyse how did it happen. Hence, they nourish and put lots of energy into it that make the law of attraction bring negative to them.

The further away it gets, the worse it gets.

We become more and more obsessed with negative events, so we get negative. The media is negative and causes bad feelings. It is very difficult for a person to ignore all this negativity. Try to keep your head clean, try to avoid negativity. Your colleagues won’t understand you: How don’t you care? You don’t watch the news? And very simple – I can’t change anything there, why watch them? You can change a lot in your life so take care about what you can change!

I will give you some rules and skills on this topic

1. LEARN to thank for all the good things that happens to you.

2. If something bad happened to you

  1. Quickly analyze why this happened (take maximum 1 day for the analys)
  2. Draw conclusions and remember them
  3. Forget about the situation

3. Ignore negative information that unintentionally reaches you

  1. Move away from the negative source, if possible
  2. Change the conversation topic, if you can
  3. Think about something else

Positive information must be deliberately nurtured in the mind. You will not be able to defend against the negative, so you must learn to react to it in a certain way.

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