Why am I so obsessed with beliefs?

I hope you have read my story and are familiar with the conditions I was raised in.

I didn’t have money, and I didn’t have a chance to be successful and rich! But I had my mind!

I was shocked once I discovered that you could create whatever you want with the help of your mind! It was a game-changer!

Self-suggestion techniques were like bright, sparkling stars in the middle of the dark night.  They gave me the hope that I could change my life and be happy and rich!

And I grabbed that saving opportunity and went after it, even if I didn’t know where I would come to!

Now, when I’m writing this article (I am 35), I am 1000% confident that all these techniques work because everything I dreamt about when I was 18 came true!

FREEDOM was my biggest dream!

I wanted to be financially free; I wanted to be free in time; I wanted to have an opportunity to travel! Everything came true!

A large sea view flat was my biggest material dream!

I fell in love with the sea in my childhood, when once upon a time, my parents and I were in Crimea. Luckily my mum got a super discounted ticket to a boarding house in Crimea. I broke down in tears on the last day of our stay when we were saying goodbye to the sea.

I had a picture in my mind: I was sitting on the armchair, speaking with my clients and watching the horizon through the windows where the vast blue sea meets with light blue sky.

My biggest material dream was to live by the sea and watch the sea through my windows.

This dream came true twice! The first time was in June 2015, when I bought my first flat overlooking the sea, and the second time was in February 2018, when we (me and my wife) bought a large luxurious apartment on the last floor (sort of penthouse) overlooking the sea.

If to say about my self-realization, I wanted to speak on the stage in front of my clients and share my experience with them. From 2013 till COVID hit in 2020, I was doing 4 live events a year. Plus, dozens of online trainings and hundreds of personal coach-sessions a year.

I’m telling you all this to make you believe you can live a fabulous lifestyle too! Everything is possible with the help of your subconscious mind. And it does not matter how old you are, what’s your gender, where you are living, and what’s your financial situation is right now.

Dreams come true! And I went all this way through from being poor to wealthy. I’m totally sure I will guide you this way too!

The idea of changing beliefs:

  • Gave me hope for a better life. That hope helped me to go through the darkest times
  • Helped me to believe that I could be free and get out of poverty
  • Made me quit a very comfortable job where I had a very high salary and  start my personal development business
  • Helped me to recover after failing in MLM business
  • Helped to persevere when nothing worked out in my business, and it seemed like I was doomed to failure
  • Made me dream and believe that some way and somehow, my dreams would come true
  • Made my dreams come true

Since 2012 I’ve been helping people to make more money using self-suggestion and instilling in their subconsciousness money-attracting beliefs. (I have hundreds of success stories, but unfortunately, people spoke in the Russian language so you won’t understand them).

I’ve been using the self-suggestion techniques I learned when I started my personal development. Later, I discovered many more powerful techniques that worked even better.

And I want to share all my knowledge with you.

Yes, I just have started my path in the English-speaking market.

But Russia invaded Ukraine on the 24th of February, and the war started. I decided to finish my Russian-speaking business and completely switch to an English-speaking market because I’ve been studying personal development, marketing, and sales stuff from Americans and used it in our market. My heart was long ago in the English-speaking market and I owe my success to Western culture.

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