Why Does NOT work

Why affirmations on Youtube or in Apps may not work for you?

My new clients asked me:

  • “Alex, I used an app and listened to affirmations, but I didn’t notice any changes in my life” OR
  • “Alex, I’ve been watching affirmations and meditations on Youtube, and I got a minimal result. What did I miss”?

First of all, you have to understand that all affirmations and meditations on the internet and apps are generic. They are designed to work for everybody.

I’ve created more than 500 meditations and affirmations, and I should admit that I tried to do them in a way that suits everybody!

Let me explain to you.

When I started my personal development business, my goal was to make $10000 a month to gain freedom. So, I created affirmations for myself.

  • I make $10000 a month thanks to my personal development business
  • I am free!
  • I live in a flat overlooking the sea!

But these affirmations are personal. They perfectly suit me, but they don’t suit 95% of people because not everybody wants to run their own business. Not everybody is obsessed with freedom. And, of course, only a few people want to live by the sea.

That’s why I couldn’t create these affirmations for public use!

On Youtube and Apps, you will find only generic affirmations that suit everybody.

Of course, working in personal coaching with my clients, I created personal affirmations for them because I was aware of their troubles and desires.

For example, I had a client whose business dropped more than 80%. Her income was $5000 a month and it tumbled to $800 a month.

I created the following affirmations for her:

  • My income returns to $5000 a month!
  • I find new ideas how to return back my income to $5000
  • My business skyrockets and generates me $8000 (she wanted not only to return on the previous level, but grow even more)
  • I am totally confident that I can do it!

Personal affirmations

  • Personal affirmations are more powerful, because they are created just for you!
  • Personal affirmations manifest your dreams and desires much faster
  • They evoke strong emotions, because they state about what you want most
  • It’s easier to repeat them, because you’re excited more about these affirmations

Some of the cons of personal affirmations

  • You have to create it by yourself or with the help of your coach
  • You have to know very precisely what you want to create affirmations
  • You have to spend time and energy
  • You have to understand how to create them correctly
  • You can create affirmations incorrectly, so they can create the opposite effect.

I noticed people gave up generic affirmations very quickly. My clients told me “those affirmations were not about me,” “I didn’t feel any emotions during reading them,” “I get bored.”

My Recommendations how to make affirmations work  for you?

  1. Know exactly and clearly what you want
  2. Focus all your affirmations on one sphere of life at the beginning
  3. Write 10 or less personal affirmations
  4. Repeat them constantly
  5. Rewrite affirmations you don’t feel work for you
  6. Show your affirmations to your coach so they evaluate them

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