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My Personal Development Story

I was 14, and I hated reading. My school did everything it could to turn me away from books. I hadn’t enjoyed Ukrainian literature because there was a lot of pain and struggle. In the summer, I read all the recommended books we would be learning the following year in school. But I had forgotten what each book was about after 3 months.

I found the reading process useless. All the content just vanished from my head.

I was very disappointed that I spent so much time reading those books and remembered nothing!

I came to the conclusion that reading was not for me.

However, once my father entered my room and suggested I read “The Alchemist” by Paolo Koehlo. I rejected him because of all of the bad reading experiences I had in school.

He insisted and said this was one of the best books he’d ever read. He was sure I would like it, saying I hadn’t read anything like this at school.

I agreed, and that evening I started to read.

The book really was the best thing I’d ever read.

“The Destination,” “The Dream,” “The Path,” “The Goal,” “Success in Life” – never had I come across such words during 7 years at school. I had found some strange, new parallel world that I was actually interested in. For the first time in my life, I was fascinated by reading.

The idea of my “destination” and making my dreams come true captured my mind. I asked my dad to recommend similar books to me so I could continue reading.

I gave up reading the books recommended to me at school and read only books on personal development. This was a fascinating period of my life. I was like a lone astronaut exploring a vast new planet. The next book I read was “Mind Power” by John Kehoe.

I discovered the secrets of the subconscious mind. How to tune my mind to attract the ideas, people, and events needed to achieve my goals and dreams. It was amazing. I was exploring a new universe that I had previously been unaware of.

I was reading books intensely. My father helped me to find fabulous new books.

Multi-Level Marketing

There was a day that changed my life forever.

I received a call from an unknown girl. She asked me if I was interested in earning money. Of course, I was. We agreed to meet, and she presented me with a multi-level marketing business plan.

I considered it an excellent opportunity for my future, so I accepted the deal and signed the contract. I did not know what multi-level marketing was. It was the first time I had come across it.

I started to work and presented the business plan to my friends, neighbors, and everybody else. I failed! Nobody shared my enthusiasm about being rich. They made excuses about why it wouldn’t work, and I would achieve nothing.

I had lost a few of my closest friends. It was excruciating. I was 100% sure they would join me. Instead, the neighbors I rarely spoke to accepted my deal.

I learned one very important lesson: life is unpredictable. You can not guess what will work and what won’t. The only thing you can do is try, try, and try!

To make a long story short, I had none of it despite all my unlimited tries and wishes for success. $100 a month was the maximum I earned. And this was in 2,5 years. Total failure!

But I’ve gained something much more important than money. I joined the MLM business to earn money and become free; instead, I became an absolutely different person!

I was an excellent student. I was afraid of everything – making mistakes, the bad thoughts others may think about me, failing, getting a B instead of an A, and disappointing my mom and friends.

MLM made me strong inside. I did what I had been afraid of. I was ready to go through difficulties – such a strong desire to achieve my freedom.

The most important thing I built was the entrepreneur mindset!

Life is fantastic – you receive something different and more important than you wanted at the beginning of the journey.

I’ve received a new powerful identity of myself.

So, with this new identity, I started my personal development business!

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