The story of life’s booms and busts!

My name is Alex Andreev, and I’m from Ukraine.

I grew up in a poor family. Father lost his job after the crash of the Soviet Union, and since then, he has started to drink. My mother worked at two jobs to cover our living expenses.

We lived in a shabby old flat where renovation hadn’t been done for 30 years. The flat was very cold and moldy because it was situated on the first floor.

My biggest dream in life was FREEDOM!

Andreev Alex

I hated studying at school and doing everything I didn’t want. I was fed up living with my parents and watching drunk dad arguing and sometimes even fighting with my mum, begging for money to buy booze.

But, I’m so grateful to my dad because he brought me into personal development.

When I was 14, my father encouraged me to read “The Alchemist” by Paolo Koehlo. The book was the best thing I’d ever read.

“The Destination,” “The Dream,” “The Path,” “The Goal,” “Success in Life” – never had I come across such words during 7 years at school.

The idea of my “destination” and making my dreams come true captured my mind.  I continued reading books on personal development. The next book I read was “Mind Power” by John Kehoe.

I discovered the secrets of the subconscious mind. How to tune my mind to attract the ideas, people, and events needed to achieve my goals and dreams. I was exploring a new universe that I had previously been unaware of.

I believed that I could change my poor mindset and lifestyle.

Since then, I have fallen in love with personal development. It became my passion, and I wanted to make money from this hobby when I grew up. Of course, everybody in my surroundings told me it was impossible because there were no jobs and positions on personal development.

But I kept dreaming and holding it in my heart, strongly believing in my dream. (More about my childhood and the conditions I was raised, read in the article “My early beliefs about money.”)

The first opportunity came when I was 19. Alex Andreev and MLM

I was offered to start an MLM business, and I accepted that offer because I saw glimpses of freedom in it. What a surprise it was for me when I heard speakers speak on stage about beliefs, the subconscious mind, and everything I read in books. Maybe, it was because the MLM company was originally from the U.S. Read more about my experience in MLM in this article.

Unfortunately, I failed miserably in the MLM business. I invested 3 productive years of my life and wasted them. I quit, but I believed even more in my dream. I had evidence that personal development was a real thing.

Alex Andreev and MLM

Dreams come true, and my dream was on the way.

One day in 2008 (I was 21 then), out of the blue, I got the idea to google how to make money online.  (How did I find the idea for my personal development business). That was magic because I worked at the IT company for 2 years, and we made e-stores for Canadian customers who made money online, but I hadn’t ever thought about making money online by myself.

On Google, I found and bought an online course on how to make money online. I built my first website, wrote articles for the website, and put Google Ads on the website to make money.

I grew my traffic to 1000 visitors daily, but I got roughly $1 a day. That was far less than I had expected. I failed again! My strategy with the ads didn’t work out, so I had to find another way to make money online.

The Universe will always give you what you are looking for!

I got an email from an unknown guy with an offer to promote their online course. Indeed, I accepted it because I took it as an answer from the Universe to my request. And it worked! Once I posted ads about the e-course on my website, people started to order it, and I got my 20% commission! Thanks to it, my monthly income grew from the $1/day I made on Google Ads to $10/day! Wow, that was a breakthrough!

But, still, I didn’t feel easy in my heart because, as for me, the e-course I promoted was not the best one. I was sure I could do a better job.

So, I decided to write my first book and create an e-course out of it.

Writing a book was not a big problem because I was crazy about personal development. The real problem was dealing with my mind, which told me I was a loser because I had achieved nothing, so how could I write a book and teach people?

Selling the book was a real issue too! When I announced my brand new book to the audience, I got orders, but none were paid! It worked out when I recorded my e-course on CD and implemented cash on delivery. I was very excited, but shortly I was scammed by a guy who accepted money from clients. He didn’t resend the money to me in full.

Read more about How did I write my first book, what limiting beliefs I encountered, and how I was scammed.

Finally, I found the guy I could trust and set up the sales process! My e-course started to generate cash flow.

When clients got my e-course, they asked me for personal consulting, so I started my personal coaching.

I loved it! I liked listening to people, finding the solution to their problems, and most of all, hearing happy people say thank you for resolving their problems.

I understood that by coaching, I was fulfilling my life purpose. I was happy that I made money thanks to my personal development hobby.

At the beginning of 2010, I quit my job and moved to Kyiv, living independently and working online as a coach.  I was fully booked from 8 AM till 8 PM, so I came up with the idea to do a group coaching program to help many people simultaneously!

In 2010 my coaching business skyrocketed! I made my biggest dream come true – I was free, making $10000 a month! For the Ukrainian citizen, it was BIG money! (The average Ukrainian made $500 a month at the time).

My freedom didnt last long!

I got acquainted with an exciting couple and offered them to run the business together. We became partners!

That was the biggest mistake in my life! (but maybe it was the blessing, who knows). Read the full story of Alex Andreev and his partners’ rise and fall in the article.

To make a long story short, I lost myself as an entrepreneur and lost myself as a coach. In April 2012, when we were going home by taxi, I told my girlfriend, “I have 2 desires: the first one – to smoke (I didn’t smoke) and the second one – to die”.

It was sort of a curse – to fall down from being free and earning $10000 a month to losing my business and wishing to die.

Our business crashed on May 31st, 2012, and we parted ways!

It’s very tough to fall down after you’ve been successful.

I was almost 25, and I was dead broke – no money left, we wasted everything; moreover, I was in debt.

When I started my business, I dreamt that when I turned 25, I would be a millionaire and a successful business owner; I would speak on the stage in front of thousands of people, traveling all over the world. Instead, I was miserable. I had nothing in my life – no wife and children, no business, no money, no flat – only debt! But the toughest of all was that I lost my biggest dream, freedom!

When youre at the bottom and at your worst, you know exactly where to go!

I knew for sure – I wanted to get back my Freedom!

It was a severe time for me, but I held my dream in my heart!

God helped me, I managed to rebuild my business, and in 2012 I got my freedom back!

Finally, after 5 years of failures

My business skyrocketed only in 2013 after having successful live training “Abundance of Money and Happiness.” That training was about how to find and remove money-limiting beliefs.

Alex Andreev is a coach

That was an outstanding success!

Clients signed up for an online 3-month course on removing limiting beliefs. Some of them hired me as a personal coach to work one-on-one on their limiting beliefs.

Since February 2013, I have worked with people on a money mindset.

I helped people: 

  1. To find money blockages and limitations
  2. Remove them
  3. Create new money-attracting beliefs
  4. Instill these new beliefs into the subconscious mind
  5. Make more money with the help of a new money mindset

The client said: “Alex Andreev is an outstanding coach. He helped me to grow my income 5-fold”

I have worked with thousands of people (employees, entrepreneurs, freelancers, bloggers, business owners, single mums, elderly people) who had various problems with money: low income at a job, failures and crashes in business, stagnation in business, money losses, no increase of income for 10 years, misunderstanding between the partners in business, investment losses, and others.

So, as a result of our coaching programs, people had a completely new money mindset. That means they thought about money differently, their attitude to money was different, and of course, their actions toward money were different. That brought them more money, making them happier.

I loved making people happy!

But, most of all, I loved personal development. I was fulfilling my life’s purpose and making good money!

My bestseller

In 2013 I wrote my second most popular book, “Open your Money Flow” – Alex Andreev. In total, I wrote 6 books on the money mindset.

Alex Andreev

Since 2013 I have held 4-5 live trainings a year, having 70-100 people live on every training.

In parallel to live trainings, I did online trainings. I did more than 10 online trainings a year. The duration of every training was between 1-3 months.

I ran that business model till 2020.

I loved everything about my business: personal coaching, online trainings, and live trainings.

I had a team of 11 people – coaches, sales managers, a marketer, a designer, an accountant, and technical staff.

What I loved most about my business was my personal development!

How and why did I achieve success? Read more in this article.

COVID changed everything in business in 2020 

All live events were canceled, and we had to do only online events. I wasn’t scared too much about it because I encountered a business crash in 2012, a financial crisis in 2014, and a personal crisis in 2019. Moreover, I had significant savings.

Unexpectedly, in 2020 my business grew! Clients wanted even more support and help during this challenging time, so they even more subscribed to the annual money mindset program and personal coaching!

In 2021 I had some weird feeling of some storm approaching, but I didn’t know what to expect. The business dropped slightly, but what I could think about was the approaching war!

The War started

On the 24th of February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, and the war started. I closed my business in Russia because I felt my way in the Russian-speaking market was over, but I didn’t know a new way.

That was for the 3rd time I had my business completely crashed! Life is an interesting thing: you do something, fall down, then stand up again, then fall down again. It’s an endless process!

When one door closes, another one opens, but to see it, you must let go of the regret of the old closed door!

At the end of June 2022, I decided to change to the English-speaking market. But my English was not so fluent that I could easily coach people and do trainings in English. I had to put many efforts into learning English. But I have loved English since my childhood!

Big thanks to my mum; she chose a school with intensive learning of English for me. She was absolutely sure that I would need English in my life!

The results of my previous coaching business

Photos of the Trainings you can see on this page.

Testimonials & Feedback

Success stories are here, but unfortunately, people speak the Russian language.

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