Competitors Make More

Are you suffering because your competitors have more clients and make more money than you?

Yes, I totally understand you. I was in your shoes.

Whenever I logged into Instagram, I watched my competitors’ posts and images and felt jealous.

  • They did live events for thousands of people, while I did only for hundreds.
  • They traveled to the luxurious places than I did
  • I calculated – they made significantly more money than I did

Another thing made my pain even worse: I knew they had started their business a few years later than me.

But I was utterly devastated when one of my prospects told me he had rejected my offer because he had accepted my competitor’s offer.

I even cried that evening – I felt like a total loser!

All the time, I thought that they were better than me in everything. I started to lose my self-confidence.

Then COVID hit.

And unexpectedly, I found out that my competitor was closing his business.

“Why? How come? He was so successful!” I wondered.

He wrote in his posts on Instagram that the business was not profitable anymore without live events. 

I was shocked because I managed to rebuild my business, which was still profitable without live events. Yes, I should admit that live events added huge profits, but still, I was able to run my business without them. And my competitor didn’t.

Then I got a great lesson – what we see is not always correct.

He was so successful and had so big business but couldn’t survive COVID.

I understood that we overestimate our competitors’ results and underestimate ours.

The thing is – we see only the best part of their business and only the part they decided to showcase in the best possible way. We see the tip of the iceberg in competitors’ life; at the same time, we have the complete picture of our own life and business with all the flaws, troubles, and downsides.

Moreover, you know that Instagram is the platform where everybody exaggerates everything tenfold. Sometimes it has nothing to do with the reality.

Nobody will tell you the truth about their debts and the real deal. They will smile and say, “Everything’s amazing.”

So, to make a long story short:

  1. Accept that you don’t know (and never will) the actual situation in their life and business. They may be in immense pain but smile to your face and publish pictures of their happy family. Later that week, you find out they got divorced. Even if they make more money, they can make that amount by investing huge sums sinking in debt.
  2. You don’t know (and never will) the price they pay for their result. Price is not only in monetary terms but the emotional price, mental and physical health price, happiness and vitality price, etc.
  3. You don’t know the future. They can be successful at the moment, but nobody knows what will happen in a year.

What do I do to feel better?

I look at my life and business.

  • What are my successes?
  • What am I grateful for?

I focus on my life and my achievements. I’m sure you have many of them too!

I think about my goals and dreams. And I noticed that the more energy I invest in my life, the better my life becomes!

So, I recommend you do the same!

If you need help with your emotional state, sign up for a free 15-minute consultation with me, and I will help you to get relief.

Sign up for a free 15-minute consultation with me, and you'll discover how to encourage people to pay immediately instead of saying 'I'll think about it,' all without being pushy

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