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Why don’t clients return, even though I provided excellent services?

I know you’re thinking: “I provided a bad service, and due to that, they don’t return.” But let me surprise you – it has nothing to do with the quality of the service you provide to them!

Are you shocked?

I’ve been going to the same hairstylist for 3 years! But then I discovered that another hairstylist did home haircuts. Wow, that was super convenient – no need to waste time going to the hair salon. So, I switched to him.

Why don’t clients return?

  1. They forget about you.
  2. There’s no urgent need to use specifically your services.
  3. They can receive a similar service nearby, so they can save time
  4. Too many problems and circumstances in their life
  5. They got caught up in competitors’ advertising. It’s not your fault; it’s the competitor’s great marketing.
  6. During a casual conversation with a friend, they were recommended another service
  7. They moved to another location (or another city)
  8. They wanted to try something new (there are many lovers of novelty)
  9. etc

So, there are hundreds of minor reasons not connected with your professionalism why they don’t come back.

Look at your own experience and define why you have switched to another specialist, and you’ll notice that most of the reasons were not connected with the quality of service.

When I started my personal development business in 2008, I suffered from “no comebacks” a lot!

Nowadays, on average, I’ve been coaching my clients for more than a year; there are many with whom I have worked for more than 5 years.

Let me share some tricks you can implement in your business so clients return regularly.

If prospects cancel an appointment, read this article.

What can you do to make people come back?

  1. Always schedule the next appointment at the end of the current one (I know that people will hesitate and make excuses but do your best to schedule the next one). If they have the next appointment scheduled, they will certainly remember you.
  2. Show you care about them. Shoot them a message a few days after they had your services asking if everything is ok?
  3. Be the person who values them in addition to the excellent service! Remember: there are a lot of specialists, but not too many specialists who care about them.
  4. Show your interest in them. Ask questions about them, their lives, their kids, etc. Find your common interest, except the one you’re providing service in.
  5. From time to time, remind them about yourself. Find out when they have a birthday and other personal holidays like their children’s birthdays, marriage dates, etc. Send them a congratulatory message on that date.
  6. Remind them about an appointment with you. The more you communicate with a person, even by text messages, the more you connect to a person.
  7. Build curiosity for the next visit. During the current visit/appointment, say, “The next time we will…”. The more they are curious about the next time, the more likely they will return. “Sell” the next visit for your clients.
  8. Sell multiple appointments (if it applies to your particular situation). If the appointment is paid, they will certainly visit you again. You can sell multiple appointments with a discount. People love discounts!

I understand that every business is unique, so let me help you. Schedule a free 15-minute appointment with me, and I will advise you on what will work best specifically for you.

The closer you’re to your clients, the more likely they will return. It’s utterly essential to be the person who cares about them.

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