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A story about Olga and why she switched to my competitor

Olga was a good client. She worked in an MLM business, and it seemed like she didn’t experience a lack of money. She paid all at once, and we started to work.

She hired me as a coach because she wanted to increase her income. I had fun helping her, and the result came very fast.

As a leader, she had to speak to a group of people, but she avoided it at all costs. She preferred to do one-on-one communications.

I understood that public speaking would increase her efficiency and sales dramatically. That’s why I insisted we work on that fear. What was a surprise for her when in one month, she became confident on stage speaking to an audience of 50 people! That was a breakthrough! In one hour, she did more than a week speaking to everybody one-on-one.

Thanks to that, her team’s sales skyrocketed, as well as her commission. She was delighted. To celebrate it, she booked a hotel on the seaside and went on vacation.

When she came, we continued our 3-month mentorship program. I was 100% certain she would continue for the next 3-month mentorship as she had got an awesome result.

But unexpectedly for me, she asked me for a pause. She told me that she spent all her money on vacation; moreover, she needed to invest in products in her business, so she would make money and return later.

It sounded fair, but I was upset. She was a good client, and she performed all tasks excellently.

A month later, I signed up for an annual business coaching program that cost $3000!!! That was a big investment for me, but I was shocked when I met Olga there! I was devastated! She didn’t have money to pay me for my personal coaching, which yielded a great result for her, but she had thrice more money to pay for this program! I felt deceived and betrayed! For two weeks, I was depressed, unable to explain how that could have happened.

Why did she switch to a competitor, though I provided her with a great service helping her get a great result?

That event gave rise to an understanding of business and sales. Before, I thought providing a great service guaranteed a customer would stay with you. But it was not enough, so I had to find an answer.

Since I already enrolled in this business program, I started closely watching what he was doing better than me. Why was this expensive program sold like hotcakes?

There was one thing that stood out – he was an outstanding salesperson! Moreover, he made people have fun during his live events, therefore, people stayed with him for a long time.

I was focused purely on the result for my customer, and it needed a lot of effort and hard work. Obviously, people would choose entertainment and fun over hard work.

Once I understood that my depression had changed to determination, I wanted to combine my results-oriented and entertaining approach.

To make a long story short, in a few years, I achieved that, but it is a different story.

To conclude, I want to emphasize:

  1. It’s not enough to be an excellent specialist and provide excellent results for a client to make them continue buying your services
  2. You have to make a client feel wonderful around you. You can do it by entertaining them, storytelling, or whatever you want, but make them happy while providing your service.

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