I don’t deserve money

This is the #1 limiting money belief.

How did this belief settle in your subconscious mind?

In my childhood, when I wanted something, I couldn’t get it for free. I needed to complete some work I was not fond of.

  • Finish your homework, and feel free to go play with your friends
  • We’ll buy a stereo system, but you should enter a university with free tuition
  • We’ll buy you Lego, but you need to get an A in algebra

That was what my parents told me.

So, I needed to do something in order to receive something. If I failed to complete the task, I wouldn’t get the thing I desired. So, I felt I didn’t deserve it.

When we grew up, the pattern remained the same, but tasks got way more difficult.

  • Succeed in your business, and you’ll be financially free!
  • Help your kids to become successful, and you’ll be considered a good parent!
  • Buy a big house and a luxurious car to be successful.

The funny thing was that we set those tasks for ourselves.

We approach ourselves like our parents did.

Moreover, we set deadlines, which are usually unrealistic. We want to succeed in business in 1-3 years, buy a car this year and a house next year, which is often impossible to happen in that timeframe.

And when we fail to accomplish it, we feel “I don’t deserve it.”

  • I’m not a good parent.
  • I’m not a good entrepreneur.
  • I’m not good at managing money.

The belief “I’m not good enough” firmly settles in our minds and reinforces the “I don’t deserve” belief.

In addition, we’re watching other people and comparing ourselves to them. That totally devastates our self-esteem as we compare ourselves to the illusionary images of other people. We don’t know their true reality. We perceive it only by what we see on social media and most people fake it.

THE MOST FUNDAMENTAL SHIFT that you can make in order to feel “I deserve” is to detach it from your actions and results. That means:

  • I deserve a good lifestyle no matter whether I’m a good parent or not
  • I deserve to go on vacation no matter whether I’ve succeeded in business or not
  • I deserve money no matter how good I am in my occupation.

I deserve because I exist! That’s it!

And I guarantee that your results will be way better in life because you’re going to stop putting yourself down.

Understand this: you don’t need to prove that you deserve it. The more you try to prove the more you feel you don’t deserve it deep within you.

You deserve by default. Just take your natural right.

If you feel you still need to prove here is what you can say:

  • I deserve because I exist
  • I deserve because I’m a good person.
  • I deserve because I’m a mum/dad
  • I deserve it because I want it! And the Universe fulfills desires.

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