Visualization helps to see the upcoming success in the mind first

Visualization or mental representation is the brain’s ability to see objects in images.  Visualization is one of the most powerful tools of self-suggestion. The brain cannot distinguish between the pictures you see in real life and imaginary ones. For the brain, imaginary things are reality. This is a proven fact. Visualization was used in the preparation program for the flight «Apollo.» When athletes were connected to special machines, they ran the distance only in their imagination, incredibly, but the same muscles activated in the same sequence as in reality. Even though the athletes were sitting in chairs, their heartbeats increased as if they were running the distance.

Here is the experience for those who didn’t believe it. Imagine yourself sitting at the table at home. Imagined? In front of you on the table is your favorite dish. Imagine it in all its details: how it smells and looks appetizing. Now you take a fork or a spoon and start eating. Try to taste it and enjoy the food! Stop! Feel how much saliva is in your mouth! But you are not eating this dish, and where did saliva come from? When you were visualizing it, your mind believed that the food in front of you was real, and your body salivated in preparation for the digestive process.

The brain “thinks” in pictures and transforms everything into images, so visualization directly affects our senses. When you imagine something pleasant, a smile immediately appears on your face. Visualization is a method of consciously forming images in mind, which leads to a positive feeling. A five-minute sense of joy and happiness entails a good mood for upcoming hours during the day (of course, if nothing changes your mood).

Visualizations have a substantial impact on your mind. Positive images evoke good feelings, and negative images evoke bad feelings. In order for visualization to shape our lives, we need to fix it on the subconscious level. That is why the repetition process is super important.

A mood varies depending on circumstances. When you visualize, picture as many details as possible. Details will help to evoke strong positive emotions.

Visualization helps to stay in positive feelings regardless of external circumstances. These positive feelings will be instilled in your subconsciousness, bringing many good things into your life.

3 secrets of successful visualization

1. Distinctly know what you want

Before the visualization session, clearly define what you really want. You can’t fool your mind. If you don’t care about achieving your goal, you’ll get bored with the visualization process and stop repeating the visualizations.

2. Repeat constantly and continuously

Be sure to repeat the same goal 2 times a day for at least 5 minutes until you reach it. Repetition is about visualizing the same goal many times over. You won’t achieve any result if you visualize different goals each time.

The efficiency of visualization increases with the number of repetitions. You will feel its effects as the mind begins to believe in what you are visualizing. After visualization, you will feel the subtle sense that it has already happened. Try to make the visualization process joyful and pleasurable. If you get bored, you will quickly quit visualization. You will not force yourself. How easily you do with repetitions depends on your goal. The process of repetition makes attainment the dominant thought in your mind, and the Universe responds more to your dominant thoughts. Do you see why the repetition process is so important?

3. Feel what you visualize

The universe only perceives feelings and emotions and responds to thoughts and images that evoke strong emotions. The effect is minimal if you visualize and don’t feel it’s happening right now. If you can’t make yourself feel, just practice.

Remember that the feelings and emotions in this process are the main ingredients. During visualization, always focus on the end result. Your role is to tell the Universe what you want. And the Universe will decide how to deliver it to you! It knows the shortest and the most harmonious way from where you are right now to your dream.

All successful people at first did not know how they manifest their dream. They only knew the end result. Don’t worry if you have no ideas how this could happen. Just watch the reality and wait for some extraordinary opportunity to happen. Don’t give up and repeat visualizations, even if nothing happens. Wait for an answer, and it will come. The response time varies from a couple of hours to several months, depending on how big your desire is. Don’t get upset if you don’t get quick results. It’s okay.

Visualization is one of the habits of a successful person; that’s why I learn and practice.

And believe that you will achieve your goal. The universe will guide you on the way to your dream.

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