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I fully applied the knowledge I had gotten from learning the course. The result was my new personal development website.

At this point, a new question was on the agenda: how to make people visit the website. Luckily, there was a second course available that I could register for that was all about this. I bought it and started to learn a brand new skill: Search Engine Optimization.

The idea was to optimize my website to the exact keywords people had been searching for so Google would put my web pages at the top of the list. If they were at the top of the list, people would notice my pages and click on them.

The new e-course was just as remarkable as the first one. Very simple, practical, and with step-by-step instructions. I implemented everything. I needed to make slight changes to my articles to have as many keywords on the pages as possible. 

After a few days, there it was: my website had been search engine optimized.

About three weeks later, I noticed many more people had been visiting my website. Traffic had grown from 10 to 100 visitors a day and, after another month, to 300 visitors a day. It was a huge success! So many people were reading my articles.

I vividly remember one day when the traffic dropped significantly. I was shocked and desperately wanted to explore what had happened. My website had fallen from the Google search – it was devastating! My top-ranked articles were no longer on the first, second, or third Google search page. In fact, they weren’t in the search at all. It seemed like they had disappeared.

I cried. I thought my business had ended overnight. Over the next few weeks, I tried learning everything about why this could have happened. I even checked the blacklists – my website was not there.

As I was beginning to lose hope, my articles suddenly appeared in the top positions again. It was miraculous! I didn’t do anything.

I continued to write new articles, optimize and publish them. In a few months, the traffic skyrocketed to 1000 visitors a day.

That was fantastic; people visited the website and read my articles. I anticipated big money coming to my doorway from the ads. I was able to visualize quitting my job clearly.

$1000/month is only $33 per day.

I put Google Ads on my website. The first day passed! And… I earned 89 cents on ads…

What ??? How come? It was impossible. Less than a dollar – immense frustration!

The next day – $1.25; the day after – $1.54, then 56 cents, and so on.

It seemed like my dreams were illusions, and they fell apart in a few days.

How did Steve Pavlina earn more than $1000 a day?

Maybe it was because he was working in an English-speaking market? English advertisements were much more expensive.

So I decided to build the same website in English. It took me 1 month, and the website was ready. I put Google Ads on the website, and the results were even worse – $0.34, $0.21, and $0.58. Later I realized that was because my English website had far fewer visitors, and the cost per click was only 2 times more than the Russian version.

I researched and discovered that the traffic to Pavlina’s website was thousands of times more than mine.

I abandoned the idea of an English-speaking website and focused on my Russian website.

My dream was to be free!

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