I think about It

Why do people say, “I’ll think about it,” and never get back to you?

When I started selling my personal coaching back then in 2009, I heard hundreds of “I’ll think about it,” and I truly believed that people would think and get back once they decide.

Within a year, none of these people got back to me. I was frustrated and upset, thinking, what was wrong? I started to doubt whether they would really think about it or just say it and forget it.

Later I caught myself saying, “I will think about it,” to other people who offered me something, but in reality, I would not think even a second. In my mind, I already had an answer – “NO.”  I said, “I will think about it,” just to politely quit the communication.

So, I understood a harsh truth:

“I’ll think about it” means a solid NO! No exceptions! 

Later when I studied sales, I reconfirmed that idea.

Why do people say it?

  1. They don’t want to hurt you.
  2. They don’t want you to feel bad about them
  3. They want to be polite
  4. They prefer not to cut off an offer totally
  5. Right at the moment, people really want to think about it, but when they leave you, they switch to other problems and totally forget about your offer.

But, in reality, their polite “I’ll think about it” hurn you even more in the long run. You think about them and hope they will call you back. You race constant thoughts “Should I call/text them and ask what have they decided?”

“No, I don’t want to be pushy,” you decide and let it go. But later, you come up with an idea to text them and ask what they have decided. It’s an endless loop that significantly drains your energy.

That’s why I take all “I’ll think about it” as solid and firm NO. I accept failing to make a sale and move on to the next client.

When people say “no,” it’s “no” towards your offer and not personally to you. At first, I thought something was wrong with me when people declined my offer, so I was upset and, on some occasions, even devastated.


You’re a great specialist and a good person. So, don’t take “no” to your heart, and remember that people actually don’t think about other people – they think only about themselves.


  1. “I’ll think about it” means a solid NO. So, don’t hope they’ll call/text you.
  2. “NO” is towards your offer and not you as a person.

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