changing my beliefs

MLM business gave me a start to changing my beliefs

Though I failed miserably in the MLM business, there was something extremely valuable for me.

In business, there was an education on how to achieve success. They needed to teach us how to think in order for us to get results in the business. Of course, the company will win if we make good sales. So, there were educational books, audio, and even live events.

The foundation of business success was a dream! You need to have a big dream, and you need to dream big to achieve results because the founders know that we will face many difficulties in the process of building a business! And the dream should make us strong enough to follow that dream despite criticism, losing friends, failures, and all other unforeseen unfavorable circumstances.

When I was a child, I lost my dreams. Poverty and the absence of money made me forget about my dreams. I thought my dreams would not come true; we didnt have money; why did I need to waste time on wishful thinking?

But here in MLM business, they told us that we would fail without a dream, guaranteed! They taught us to dream. Every speaker at a live event talked about dreams, how they started dreaming being grown-up, and how they eventually made those dreams come true. I found out that all of them betrayed their childhood dreams. They were just like me; they refused to dream because they were told by their parents that dreams were just wishful thinking and that to make money, you need to work a lot at your job, so you didn’t have any time left for dreaming.

Their stories were very similar to mine. And my belief about dreams changed – I believed that I needed a dream. I need to start dreaming again.

I remember how I was sitting and writing on a white paper what did I want. Then I searched the internet for the photos of my dreams, printed those photos, and hung them on the walls of my room.

I found a photo of a surfer surfing a big wave on Hawaing, then a skier riding down a snowy mountain. I found an image of a big house by the ocean; I chose the car I wanted.

I spent hours and hours dreaming and searching for photos of my dream future.

So I printed all photos of my new lifestyle and hung them on the walls. It was my vision board.

Wow, I surrounded myself with my dreams. And then the ugly walls of my room changed to my beautiful visual boards. In this way, I decorated my room.

I believed in my dreams, which incredibly motivated and inspired me. My energy poured over the edges, and I was going to move mountains. I felt like I was in seventh heaven.

I’m so grateful to MLM marketing because it returned me to my dreams. I believed in dreams, and since then, I have been dreaming.

My friends and neighbors thought I got mad. As for them, I became crazy since I got into MLM; they thought I got involved in some cult. And I saw clearly that they held to the old Soviet-Union beliefs that dreams were just wishful thinking.

That was the first time in my life I came across Western culture. The MLM business company was an American company.

Though I failed miserably in MLM, I got the foundation for success. I had dreams and vision of my future lifestyle. I built an entrepreneurial mindset.

What new beliefs did I get thanks to MLM business?

  • You must have a dream! You must dream big to succeed!
  • Without a dream, you will fail, guaranteed!
  • You can achieve your dream no matter how big it is!
  • Most people don’t have dreams, so they will try to steal yours. Don’t let anybody steal your dream!
  • Chase your dream and have fun!
  • If you have a dream, you have all the resources to make it come true.

Compare them to the old beliefs I got from my parents

  • There is no sense in dreaming; anyway, you don’t have money to buy it.
  • Dreams are just wishful thinking. You’d better work hard instead of flying in illusions.
  • Instead of dreaming, you’d better find a job

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