Feel the Feeling

A powerful technique for instilling a belief into your subconscious mind

Most of all, in my life, I dreamt about freedom!

Probably because I had lived under limitations since my childhood, and I wanted to get out of the box.

When I was 20, my life looked like this:

  • I worked at a job that I didn’t like. I did the tasks I didn’t want to.
  • I studied at a university for an IT degree, but I distinctly understood that I hate IT. I didn’t want to follow up with it. I felt like my life purpose was in something else.
  • I woke up at 7 AM, but I wanted to sleep!
  • I lived with my parents and had to obey the rules.

I felt like a slave!

Till that time, I learned self-suggestion techniques, and I used some of them every day. Mainly, I loved affirmations. I failed with visualization because my mind jumped to some other topics, and I couldn’t hold the vivid visual picture in my mind.

I felt that there was something more powerful for me.

And once, after the hard workday, I sat on the couch, closed my eyes, and started to do affirmation. I repeated over and over again, “I am free! I am free! I am free!”. And suddenly, I felt freedom! That was a real feeling of inner freedom. I saw a picture I woke up and watched the sea straight through the windows, and I didn’t have to hurry anywhere. I felt like I was free to bask in bed for as much time as I wanted.

The picture quickly disappeared, I wasn’t good at visualizing, but that feeling of freedom remained within me.

The next day I repeated this practice: a few times, I pronounced silently, “I am free!” and instantaneously evoked that feeling of freedom! I was bathing in freedom, feeling happy for 15 minutes. WOW, that was miraculous practice. I repeated it daily! It became my favorite practice. I didn’t encounter it in books or anywhere else. I called it “Feel the feeling,” as I was feeling the feeling of freedom for 15 minutes.

Shortly after starting this practice together with “Raising the comfort zone practice”, an astounding idea came to my mind – type into Google: “How to earn money on the internet.” I worked for 1.5 years in an IT company that built e-stores for Canadian customers, helping them to earn money online. However, I never thought about making money online for myself.

I opened google, typed “how to earn money on the internet,” and Google showed me 10 results. I intuitively clicked the 4th one and found myself on a very long page. The author was selling an e-course on how to make money online. The text on the page was very motivating.

The silent voice inside me whispered, “You need it. Buy it!”

The next day I purchased the course, which was the starting point of my personal development business. Later it brought me financial freedom!

How to do the Feel the Feeling” technique?

First of all, this technique is about feeling!

  1. Choose one affirmation that represents your most prominent dream or desire
  2. Sit, close your eyes, and relax
  3. Start to repeat this affirmation over and over again, trying to catch the most positive feeling (in my case, it was the feeling of Freedom)
  4. Focus on this feeling for 10-15 minutes, bathing in it
  5. Remember the mental and emotional state you were in.

The only thing you should do during this practice – is feel the feeling! Feelings can change, but you should feel good.

After the practice you will feel fulfilled. All problems go away and the mind is clear.

For me, this practice was a game-changer!

This practice will work super well for people who are feelings oriented.

If you are image-oriented, you would better try visualization.

If you are sounds-oriented, try doing or listening to affirmations.

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