Example of money affirmation in the action

It was the beginning of May 2010.

Five weeks earlier, I left my parents’ flat in my home city, rented a flat in Kyiv, and settled there. The real adult-life started: I had to pay for the rent and utilities, buy groceries and cook food. I had to do cleaning and laundry – everything by myself.

Obviously, I needed money for everything. Plus, I ran my business and had to pay business bills.

Abruptly under the pressure of my business colleague, I had just signed up for a business growth annual program for $8000. Thank God I got this payment split into 4 settlements, $2000 each. I didn’t get used to spending $2000 a month, and here I got $2000 more in expenses.

So, my expenses skyrocketed to $4000 a month, compared to $500 when I lived with my parents.

I was under severe stress! I was scared to death because if I hadn’t made it, I would have returned to my parents being a failure. They would have said, “Ah, we told you so!!!”. And I would have returned to a job in an IT company that I hated.

Personal development was my biggest passion. I couldn’t imagined I would have failed.

But I had a superpower – self-suggestion techniques. So, I decided to put it into action to attract money to cover my expenses.

I created a simple affirmation: “I receive $4000 a month,” and started to repeat it over and over again in my mind. I wanted to earn $4000 a month because it would allow me to continue living independently in Kyiv and running my business.

It was May 31st. I remember it as though it were yesterday!

Early in the morning, I checked my email inbox, and there were no orders and no registrations.

I was upset because I had to admit that my self-suggestion methods hadn’t worked out. In May, up to that point, I had earned $3100, so I was $900 short of reaching my goal.

Suddenly, at 11 AM, I got a registration notification for coaching.

A woman had registered for my 3-month personal coaching program, which cost exactly $900!!!

Wow, what a surprising turn of events!!!

But, my enthusiasm quickly disappeared. Even if the registration was actual, and the woman was actually going to pay, she would do it at the beginning of June.

So I called her and was happy to find out she was determined to proceed with my coaching program.

And when she offered to meet that same day in person and discuss the terms and conditions, I was astounded!

We agreed to meet at 6 PM in a restaurant.

When I came in, she was waiting for me. We had an enjoyable and laid-back talk. We discussed her goals and all questions she wanted to address with the help of coaching. Everything went smoothly till this point.

And suddenly she took money from her purse and put them on the table. That was $900 for the coaching program!

I was delighted! I couldn’t believe my own eyes! The missing $900 was lying on the table just in front of me. I took the money hesitantly, afraid she could change her mind.

When I went home after the meeting, I was elated! I earned $4000 in May! I covered all my living expenses plus the first payment for the business growth program!

I felt like a magician. My self-suggestion methods worked!

In June, I continued rolling around in my mind the affirmation, ” receive $4000 a month”.

And you know what? I got $4000 in June!

And precisely $4000 in July! And $4800 in August!

I was super happy because I paid off the Business Growth program in full.

Why did the affirmation work out?

  1. I wanted it badly with my mind and heart! It’s very important that the mind and the heart are united toward one goal. The synergy of the mind and the heart strongly attract your desire into life
  2. The affirmation was very emotional for me!
  3. I knew exactly why I wanted it.
  4. The affirmation fully complied with the affirmation creation rules. It was clear, precise, emotional, and about me. It was very simple and easy to repeat.
  5. The affirmation was drawn up in the present tense as I really had been already making $4000 a month
  6. I repeated it daily over and over again.

But, please don’t give up if affirmation doesn’t work as quickly as you expected. Give it a time and it will attract the desire into your life, guaranteed!

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