3 worst habits

The 3 worst habits you have that make your debts grow.

There are two absolutely different types of money mindsets:

  • Mindset that attracts money and accumulates capital
  • Mindset that drains money and creates debts

People with the first mindset always have money and accumulate more and more money. They get wealthier with every passing day.

People with the second mindset grow their debts with every passing day!

Let’s look closer at the habits that have the people with the second mindset.

Bad Habit 1: Spend money immediately when you receive them

When you spend immediately when you receive them, you get used to the absence of money. Therefore, you create a negative money model in your mind – no money!

“But I have so many bills to pay! Of course, I pay them immediately I get money,” “I postponed my desires for so long that I want to get them once I get money,” someone argues.

Yes, I totally understand you.

The idea is to save money for at least overnight. Yes, go ahead and pay bills or buy the things you want, but let money stays with you for a short time.

You see, people with the first money mindset feel they HAVE money! Don’t spend money the day you get them, so you feel that you have money at least this one single day. You need to switch the mindset from “I have no money” to “I have money.” You need to get used to money in cash or your bank account. And not the credit funds, because you know this money isn’t yours, but your personal funds! Start small – just save money overnight. Feel this one single day that you have money!

Bad Habit 2: Being unaware of your expenses

If you don’t track how much money you spend, you will spend way more than you make, guaranteed! If you spend more than you make, you’ll end up in debt, guaranteed!

If you are in debt, you grow an “I have no money” mindset. Moreover, you get used to obligations. Paying debts is the only money motivation you have. Of course, with that motivation, you can not prosper and come to abundance.

My 10-year coaching experience shows that people who don’t track expenses spend 30-40% more than people who track expenses.

I witnessed hundreds of my clients spending 30% less when they started to track their expenses. The funny this was that they said: “I bought everything that I had bought the month before, how did I spend 30% less???” Yes, this is the magic of tracking expenses. This is a very simple strategy how for reducing expenses.

Nowadays, when we use credit/debit cards, it is so easy to do. You just offload your weekly expenses from your bank account, get them all together in one file, and have all the weekly expenses.

My coaching practice shows that being unaware of expenses is the #1 reason why people have increasing debts. And once people started to track expenses and incomes under my guidance, their expenses dropped, and incomes increased.

Bad Habit 3: Get one cheaper” loan to pay another one

This habit is the worst among the three, and this is why:

  1. This habit means that a person thinks about debts all the time
  2. Instead of making money, a person thinks about how to save “pennies.”
  3. The more energy a person puts into resolving debt problems, the more they grow.
  4. A person blocks his money flow when executing their schemes of saving money

I had one client who was the best at getting cheaper loans to pay more expensive loans. He was the best at getting money! But he was the worst at making money! When he told me what his debt was, I was shocked – never did I come across a person with such an enormous debt! At that exact moment, I understood where this model led him!

And I don’t know a single person who gets rid of debts with the help of this model.


The only way to get rid of debts is to make more money and pay out all debts. To do it, you need to focus on growing your income! The more energy you put into it, the faster your income will grow.

Try to save money for at least the shortest period, so you feel you have money.

Calculate your expenses just to know how much you spend and focus on your income to make more money than you spend. If you make more than you spend, someday you won’t have any debt!

Everything starts with beliefs! You do the things you believe in. Change your beliefs – change your actions – change the outcome!

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