What are beliefs, and how do they influence your reality?

Belief is a simple thought that you consider to be true.

For example:

  • The Earth is round
  • There is gravity on the Earth. If you throw the apple out of the window, it will fall
  • I am a man/women

These beliefs are obvious.

But you have beliefs about everything – about the country you’re living in, about yourself, about your spouse, children, about money, about your flat.

Lets look closer at money beliefs and how they form

Money beliefs are all person’s beliefs regarding money.

Imagine the situation: a man has been working 10 years on a job, and during all these years, he’s been earning approximately the same salary.

The man watched the reality and unconsciously believed, “I can’t earn more than that,” “The world isn’t fair,” or “The company isn’t fair” because his colleagues have been working less than him and earning more.

The man forms other beliefs: “I’m lacking money,” “The only way to buy a flat/house is to get credit,” “It’s hard to earn money.”

Do you see how beliefs are formed?

The man is observing reality and making conclusions.

Are they correct?

Most of them are NOT. This process of creating beliefs is unconscious. Every day your mind creates new, confirms old, and changes thousands of beliefs.

Why most of the beliefs our mind forms are wrong? Read the article “My early beliefs about money”.

2 ways of how the beliefs can be changed

  1. Real-life events are constantly changing beliefs
  2. You can consciously change your beliefs by yourself

How do real-life events change beliefs?

Just imagine that the man gets the promotion, and his salary doubles. His mind instantaneously will change his beliefs.

“The world isn’t fair” ⟶ “The world is fair enough.”

“The company isn’t fair” ⟶ “The company is great.”

“I’m lacking money” ⟶ “I’m having plenty of money.”

This belief probably will stay the same “The only way to buy a flat/house is to get a credit.”

“It’s hard to earn money” ⟶ “It’s easier to earn money than I thought before.”

But if he fails on a new position and he gets fired, the beliefs will change to negative again, but now they would be even more negative, than they were before.

Do you see how the events in physical reality shape your beliefs?

Remember yourself – when a bad day happens, you think that the world is ominous, unfair, and cruel. When you wake up, watch the sun shines brightly, and the weather is great, you think that the world is beautiful, you’re happy, that you’re alive, and that the world is great.

Are your beliefs created by the events that happened to you in your physical reality, OR do your beliefs create your reality?

It works both ways! Your brain creates beliefs based on the events, and the events are created based on your beliefs. But most people just live the first way (let their brain creates beliefs and watch the reality)  and don’t think that they can create a desired reality themselves! Yes, you have the power to do it!

In reality, the man in our example above won’t get a promotion because his initial beliefs are really negative. With that kind of beliefs, reality can not be changed. These beliefs will block the promotion and certainly somebody else will get it. And the man will confirm his belief, that the world is unfair.

What should he do to get a promotion?

Believe in a different reality! And to do so, he has to change his beliefs, because primarily beliefs form reality.

How can he change his beliefs himself?

  1. Come up with new beliefs he wants to believe in
  2. Believe that they are true!

Let’s think of new beliefs, that will help him get a promotion.

  • I can earn more money
  • I am capable of doing it
  • The world will help me
  • It’s good to earn plenty of money
  • I deserve to live in abundance

So, on the first stage you just think over and create new beliefs.

How to believe that these beliefs are true and make them form your reality will talk in the article “How to change your beliefs”.

These beliefs create an absolutely different mindset and a totally new picture of reality. Having these beliefs, the man has more confidence to ask for a promotion, change his job, or start his own business.

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