5 deep daily feelings that kill your money flow

Let’s talk about the feelings that sit deep within every person who struggles with money.  These feelings are often hidden from sight because people have been feeling them for decades. These feelings become the person’s second nature. So, keep your eyes open.

Duty & Obligation

How often do you think, “I should pay my debts,” “I should be a good mum/father,” “I should do my job well,” etc.?

Probably, you have thousands of shoulds.

The feeling of duty and obligation seems to motivate you to make money, but in essence, it destroys you and kills your money flow.

Creativity comes from your heart, and it makes tons of money, but creativity doesn’t come in under pressure. With duty and obligation, you block creativity and operate only with your mind.

Yes, you earn money, but you make just enough to pay your obligations.  You get used to motivating yourself with negative emotions instead of dreaming and being in a creative flow. The only way to make more money – take more obligations. Therefore debts increase, and you get into slavery even more.

Life flows in some vicious circle – all the money you make is given away to pay debts and bills.

And what if something goes wrong? What if the money you are expecting doesn’t come?

It causes you to live in constant stress and anxiety. Eventually, you end up in a depression because the tension is so enormous that your mind cannot endure it.


Resentment blocks the money flow because it totally changes a person’s focus. Their primary focus changes to another person or a situation that offended them. Thousands of thoughts attack a person: why did that happen? How could they do that to me?

Ofter resentment appears as a result of injustice feeling. I tried so hard, and here is what I got in response.

Resentment causes even worse negative feelings when a conflict happens between you and your family members, especially children. Children are not grateful. They take everything for granted. And they didn’t understand how much time and effort it took you to provide them with what you did. You feel hurt because they don’t appreciate what you have done for them.

A person doesn’t focus on making money but races negative thoughts about the situation. Resentment drains all the positive and creative energy out of the person. So there is no place for creativity and moneymaking left.

Have you been feeling resentment toward anybody or anything recently?


Guilt is the feeling opposite of resentment but has an even more substantial effect.

In this case, you feel like you offended somebody by doing something or not doing it.

A widespread situation is

– A parent feels guilty that they can not create the desired lifestyle for their child.

– A parent feels guilty because they work a lot and don’t spend enough time raising a child.

– A person feels guilty for being unable to care about their parents and spend time with them.

Relationship between people, their children, and parents creates a lot of negative feelings that block the money flow.

If you feel guilty subconsciously, you think you don’t deserve happiness and abundance.

Guilt makes people spend all the money they earn. Often guilt makes people buy and buy stuff, resulting in significant debt.

All debts are caused by negative emotions! And guilt is the one on the top list!


Fear is people’s core emotion.

The worst thing fear does to you – is it stops you from going forward and trying things you want.

For example, you have a job, and thanks to it, you make just enough money to cover living expenses and pay your obligations. But you hate this job; you want to be your own boss and make much more money to live a better life. You want to start a new business, but you are afraid of

  • Quitting your job
  • Fail in business
  • Being unable to pay your bills

These and dozens more fears keep you from starting a new business. And it’s not only about a business; it’s about all opportunities. Fears keep you away from anything new. Years fly by, and suddenly you find yourself that you don’t want anything. You just surrender to the job you hate, the flat that desperately needs renovation, the old car, and all your dull reality.

But you can conquer your fear! Don’t let it make you miss the opportunities. You are solid and robust! And remember, you CAN change your life!


Fear makes a person feel very uncomfortable. So the mind goes with the following trick – it blames somebody else! It’s not me, who fails, but they prevented me from success.

In this way, fear changes to blame. People are afraid of starting a new business, so they blame everybody else, making fake excuses.

  • I have kids; I need to make money, so I can not allow myself to try something new and fail.
  • That’s because of my spouse. They don’t support me but demotivate me constantly.
  • I live with my old parents. I have to care about them and support them. I don’t have free time to start something new.
  • There is an economic crisis. It’s not a time to start something new right now.
  • It’s the country I live in (read this article and watch this video).
  • It’s because of the government.

Other people are just lucky! I am not so fortunate.

Do you see how blame takes off the responsibility of a person?

This person won’t try anything ever because it’s not their fault, it’s somebody else’s.

And fear goes away. Now there is a solid new limiting belief why they could not do it.


If you find some of these feelings within you, don’t worry – it’s not the end of the world. You have the power to change your beliefs and mindset. And if you change your mindset, your inner feelings will change consequently.

Remember, you can change everything in your life! You are the master!

Read this article about beliefs and how to change them.

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