Limiting Beliefs

Where do the negative beliefs come from?

You were born with a clear mind to say about beliefs. It was like a blank white paper. And every day since your birth mind learns life and makes its conclusions about life, yourself, and everything else. And your mind has been written on that blank paper. 

Most of the beliefs came from childhood.

Who are the first people a newborn “communicates” with? Indeed, the parents. Since a baby’s mind cannot think and make its conclusion, the mind copies its parents. Babies are the best copiers. They unconsciously copy the mindset of parents, behavior, and actions of their parents – everything.

Since the time I remember myself, I have noticed that I have worried about everything. When I went to school, I worried about my grades and what teachers and classmates thought about me. When my mother gave me some money, I started to worry about money.

I couldn’t learn to worry by myself because I had no life experience. So, why did I worry? My mom worried all her life about earning money to afford our living! And I, as a baby, copied that emotion.

Most of all, my mom worried about money. So did I when I had my money. Even when I built my business, bought a few flats, have enough savings, I still worried about money! There was no logical reason for doing so because I had more than enough. My wife and I traveled to the Maldives and Seychelles islands, Rio de Janeiro, and all over Europe, but I still worried about money! Do you see how robust the copying process in childhood is?

When I was a child, I took on faith everything that my mom told me and she told me: “Study well at school, you will enter a good university! If you study well at a university, you will have a great job and earn lots of money. So, you will afford a good living for you and your family”.

Believe it or not, I was a straight-A student in school and university! I found a great job and earned good money compared to my friends and neighbors, but I couldn’t reach my dreams with that kind of salary! I had to save money for 12-15 years to buy a flat!!! That wasn’t what I dreamt about.

My mom was an authority to me! Everything she told me instantaneously transformed into my beliefs.

Where do the negative beliefs come from?

  • From parentsfeelings and emotions. I copied my mom’s feeling of worriedness.
  • From parentswords. I copied the belief “Study well….”
  • From grandparents and close relatives, words
  • From our friends and neighbors. I had a friend who jogged every morning. He invited me to join him. Since then, I’ve been jogging in the morning!
  • From school and university teachers
  • From our heroes (real or unreal). One of my heroes was Bruce Lee. So I was doing karate for 3 years in my teens.
  • From social media. When I was a child, there were no social media.
  • From stars (movie stars, showbusiness starts, social media stars). One of my movie stars was Arnold Schwarzenneger. I wanted to have a similar body as he had.
  • From our classmates, especially leaders. There was one guy in our class, and all girls liked him. So I wanted to be cool like him. “Be cool, and girls will like you.”

Basically, we’re copying other people all our lives. We mirror those people we admire most. We even copy not the person as they are but the image of that person we created for that person.

This process of copying is totally unconscious. But we can consciously watch ourselves and change those beliefs that led to poor results.

Everybody grows up with lots of negative and limiting beliefs. It’s not the end of the world. The main question is, “will you stick to or change those beliefs?”

Change beliefs – change your life!

You can be anyone you want to be! Everything is in your hands!

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