My friend Andrew and his mindset

Andrew was a friend of mine. He was 2 years older than me. We lived in the same building and played games daily in the yard. We loved football, basketball, ping-pong, and riding a bicycle. In winter, we played with snowballs and went sledding. We had a very joyful childhood.

Andrew lived in a much better flat than I did. The flat was big, light-filled with good renovation.

Andrew’s mum had a dacha, and they brought lots of fruits and vegetables every time they went there. I will never forget that big dark cherry Andrew shared with me. That was the best cherry I had tasted in my life.

They even had a car – Zaporozhets. It was the Soviet-Union type of car, but he could go everywhere by car.

It seemed like Andrew lived better than me. From the bottom of my heart, I envied him, that he was luckier than I was.

The only terrible thing was that Andrew was raised without a father. His mum divorced his father when Andrew was an infant because the father was an alcoholic.

We grew up

Andrew loved driving a car! He was obsessed with cars. He dreamed of selling Zaporozhets and earning money to buy a better car! Of course, dreams come true, so one day, I looked through the window and noticed Andrew standing near the light-green Volkswagen Jetta. He was elated! Yes, he bought a new car.

He wanted to earn money, so he applied to a taxi company for a job. At first, he worked as a taxi driver occasionally; later, he became a full-time taxi driver. He hung out with other taxi drivers, and his character changed in a few years to one that all taxi drivers have. He got nervous, thought only about money, and blamed people because they were greedy and didn’t want to pay high prices.

Till 2008 he earned approximately $1000 per month. Later his income declined significantly as Ukrainian experienced an economic crisis, and the Ukrainian currency sank against the dollar. But still, he earned $500-600 a month.

I always heard from him

  • That Ukraine was a backward country; there were no opportunities here
  • To make money, you need to have money! And I don’t have money, so there is no way to earn more money for me.
  • I don’t have an education for the high-paid job
  • You won’t earn all the money in the word

(that meant why to work hard, you would lack money anyway)

  • I can’t earn more money as a taxi driver
  • I can’t do any other job, and it’s too late to study
  • If we were born into a poor family, we would be poor
  • It’s impossible to be rich for us

One day when we were hanging out in the bar drinking beer, I told him I wanted to make $10000 a month. He laughed at me and told me it was impossible. Poor people like we could not make much money. You should have been born into a wealthy family to make that money.

Thanks to my education in MLM business, I knew that everything you truly want is possible.

My friend was a very talented guy. Beliefs were his worst enemy, he believed that was true, and that’s why he didn’t even try.

I should admit that his dreams always came true!

He wanted a new car – he got it. He saved money, sold Volkswagen Jetta, added extra money, and bought Skoda Octavia. In a few years, he purchased Opel Vectra. But he dreamt about Audi, which was far more expensive than Opel. He worked hard few years, saved money, sold Opel, and bought Audi.

He got what he wanted because he believed in this dream.

But for some reason, he didn’t believe in bigger dreams, like buying a flat or building a business.

His negative beliefs

Negative beliefs made him think it was impossible, and he had never tried.

  • Negative beliefs make him procrastinate.
  • Negative beliefs made him blame somebody else (it was the wrong country I was living in, it was because of the corrupted government)
  • Negative beliefs made him quit when he only thought about the new idea
  • Negative beliefs made him think it was not the right time now. You need to wait for tomorrow or another month or when something happens.
  • Negative beliefs made him think that he would fail;
  • he was not smart enough, he was not good enough, and so on

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