Why do prospects choose competitors over you?

When I started my personal coaching and business consulting services, I thought that the better and more professional the quality of my services, the more people would buy from me. So, I worked hard to be excellent at helping people. I really became a super coach, and my clients told me I was the best!

But for some unknown reason, clients didn’t continue working with me. They told me various excuses “No money,” “No time,” “Thank you! You helped me a lot, but now I have to rest,” and quit. Shortly I discovered that they were consulting with my competitor.

I was devastated! “How come? They told me I was the best! Why did they switch to my competitor?” I wondered.

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So, I started to search for the answer. And the first thing I did – I sign up for the live event of my competitor. I wanted to find out what did he do differently than me.

Consulting and conducting trainings wasn’t his life’s calling. He was an excellent salesperson. His offer and his sales process were fantastic. It seemed like he had sales in his mind in everything he did during the live event. Obviously, he showed his expertise, and people believed it, and so was I. But when I hired him as a personal coach, I understood he was not passionate about it – he just ran a business and made money.

He was perfect at sales and influencing people. Moreover, he was a great marketer. He sold things people wanted to buy.

Thanks to that, I had a powerful insight – it’s not enough to provide excellent services – it’s mandatory to be an excellent salesperson to make abundant money.

Why do prospects choose competitors over you?

  1. They communicate the value effectively. I was good at doing the work but very modest at promoting myself. I even had a hard time asking for a testimonial. Your competitors could be excellent at sweet talks.
  2. They sell things people want to buy. As a creative person, I sold people things they really needed to change their life. But those things were hard to acquire and needed a lot of work. For example, when a person has a constant headache, it’s much easier to sell them pills to remove the headache than to discover a real reason that stands behind the pain and cures the reason. People wanted to have effect immediately that’s; why they bought pills. My competitor sold “pills” while I was selling a long-term treatment.
  1. They are more authoritative in the market.
  2. They collaborate with influencers effectively.
  3. They have BIG budgets for ads campaigns
  4. The sales process is more effective.

So, as you see, all the points above refer to marketing and sales. “People judge a book by its cover.” My cover was plain and unattractive. And they invested all their energy and efforts into “drawing” a bright, vivid, and attractive cover while I invested my efforts into developing my coaching and helping people.

If you’re reading this article, probably, you’re like me – a creative individual who is passionate about your service and not so good at sales. As creative individuals, we can not compete with business people because they’re like fish in water in sales. What we can do – get better at sales, make more money, and enjoy helping people by providing the best service we can.

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