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How to overcome fear of failure? 7 Steps

7-step method on how to overcome fear of failure

The 1st step on how to overcome fear of failure: Realize your fear

The first thing you need to realize in handling fears: DON’T FIGHT WITH YOUR FEAR! The more you reject your fear or deny it, the stronger your fear attacks you.

Realize your fear! Say to your fear: “I realize you are in my head,” “I realize you exist.”

The 2nd step on the way to overcoming fear of failure: Accept It!

Now when you realize it exists within you, accept that you experience fear.

Say to yourself: “Yes! I’m afraid to be a failure. I accept it” (or whatever you’re afraid of).

The 3rd step towards overcoming your fear: Be Here and Now

All fears are in the future! You’re afraid of some consequences that may happen in the near or distant future.

But if you return to the present moment, the fear disappears unless you look into the future again.

To return to the present moment, just focus on your breathing: inhale and fully focus on it and exhale slowly, saying to yourself: “I’m here and now.”

The 4th step – believe that your fear guides you on your way

In my life (read my story here), I did many crazy actions that I was strongly afraid of. And I noticed the bigger my fear was, the more valuable the result I got.

I understood that fear was like my guide. If it appeared on my way, that meant I was heading in the right direction in life.

So, I believed that “fear guides me on my way.” Now with this belief (learn more about beliefs), I feel joyful when fear arises. Yes, I’m going in the right direction in my life.

Watch this 1-minute video, “Impossible becomes possible”.

The 5th step on how to overcome fear of failure: do a small step toward your goal

Everybody has fears, but successful people learn how to overcome their fears.

Basically, they just act despite fear. Yes, I’m afraid to fail, but I do step forward.

Actions shrink your fears.

If you get used to acting despite your fear, fear won’t make any sense to you. You’ll feel a slight tension, but you have a totally clear mind.

The 6th step (in case you can not do the small step): Step back and give yourself time.

Don’t criticize yourself, saying you’re a coward or lacking a strong character. Instead, accept your fear with the words: “Yes, I’m afraid, that’s why I can not act right now. I give myself time.”

Don’t push yourself toward the desired action. Because the more you push yourself, the stronger will be fear and the more devastating the effect will be if you don’t overcome fear. You’ll emotionally “kill yourself.”

It’s easier to overcome fear when it is small.

The 7th step: Visualize your action

Close your eyes, and in your mind, see like you’re doing this action. That way, you’ll tune yourself for the action.

And when it comes to the same action in real life, you’ll do it easily without noticing your fear.

Visualize your action as many times as needed. Give yourself as many days as you need.

Eventually, you’ll overcome fear of failure or any other fear.

Conclusion on how to overcome fear of failure

  1. Realize you have fear
  2. Accept your fear
  3. Be here and now
  4. Believe that your fear guides you the right way
  5. Do a small action toward your goal
  6. (if you can not do the step) Step back and give yourself time
  7. Visualize your action

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