practices to remove money blocks

5 best practices to remove money blocks

I want to show how you can easily remove money blocks from your subconscious mind. Let’s take a belief: “I don’t have enough money.” This belief blocks money from coming to you.


Affirmations are conscious, intentional thoughts aimed to replace limiting and negative thoughts. For more details, read the full article “What are Affirmations.”

We create a new affirmation opposite the limiting belief – “I have enough money” and start repeating it over and over again. You can repeat it silently or out loud.

This affirmation will substitute your negative thoughts about lack of money. Once you think, “Oh, I don’t have money for this,” this affirmation pops up and changes your focus.

The idea is to feel the thing you are affirming. When you say, “I have enough,” try to feel it.

When you buy something, notice that you have had the money for this purchase!

And really, you buy groceries, fuel your car, pay rent, and buy various stuff for your children. So, you have enough money for certain things, don’t you?

And in a while, you will notice all the things you have money for instead of being upset about the things you don’t have money for. When you focus on the things you are buying and feel that you have money, you attract more money into your life to buy more!

In this way, you believe that you have money! And it will be your new money-attracting belief.

Affirmations work best for people who easily perceive information in audio format. If you love audiobooks, the affirmation will work for you great!

Read more about affirmations in the article “How to change beliefs with Affirmations.”


Gratitude is a very similar method to affirmations. You start to say “Thank you” for the good things that happen in your life.

How will gratitude remove the limiting belief “I don’t have enough money”?

What have you bought today?

Now, say (instead of underlined example words, use the things you’ve bought): “Thank you for the food I bought today,” “Thank you for a discount I’ve got today,” “Thank you for the coffee and sandwich I bought in the morning,” “Thank you for paying the bill,” etc.

Every time you buy something, say “Thank you!” addressing God or the Universe. 

Gratitude creates the feeling of having! It changes “lack” to “abundance.”

Gratitude work best for people who perceive the world with feelings and words.


Visualization is super powerful in changing your beliefs and money mindset. Visualization works best for people who perceive the world in images. If you can easily imagine something and love creating pictures in your mind, visualization is definitely for you.

How to remove a money lack of money block with the help of visualization?

Firstly, our mind doesn’t distinguish the images we observe in our day-to-day life and imaginary images. Both are real for the mind! So, if you close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting on a leather couch in a big bright, luxurious living room overlooking the beautiful green garden, this will be an actual reality for your mind! Will you feel a lack of money sitting in the room? Of course, not – you will feel wealthy! Pictures that you see in your mind are real regardless they are real or imaginary. Therefore, you can switch your lack of money mental state to an abundant state in a blink of an eye!

In the article “Why am I so obsessed with beliefs,” I described what I achieved with the help of visualization, though I am not a visualization person.

Feel the Feeling

This is my favorite technique, as I’m a person who perceives everything with feelings. Feel the energy, people, and environment is my gift. Thanks to it, I helped thousands of people from 2010 to 2018 find their life purpose and ways how to make money.

As you might understand from the name “Feel the Feeling,” is focused purely on feelings. It changes feelings and emotions.

Let me explain how it works:

The belief “I don’t have enough money” makes you feel sad, disappointed, and miserable.

And now, close your eyes and consciously make yourself feel happy because you have an abundance of money! Indeed, you can use visualization to imagine pictures that represent wealth, or you can use an affirmation, but the main point is to make you feel an abundance of money! Once you feel it, focus on that feeling and amplify it. Bathe in this feeling and dissolve in it. A smile on your face will help you get into the state. And be in this state for 10 minutes.

You changed your state from sad and miserable to happy and wealthy.

How to do the “Feel the Feeling” technique read in this article.

The “Feel the Feeling” technique works best for people who perceive the world with feelings.


You may have heard of meditations or tried them by yourself. Meditations use all the techniques described above.

When I do a meditation for people, I create wealthy imaginary pictures to immerse people in abundance, and I say the affirmations to instill new positive beliefs in people’s minds. At the end of a meditation, people feel joyful, energetic, and wealthy.

Meditations change a person’s mindset very quickly as it operates on all levels.

More about meditations, types of meditations, and how to choose the best meditations for you, read the article “How to use meditations to reprogram your mindset.”


All methods work well if done consistently. You will do consistently only those you fall in love with. They will work best for you.

Which is the best for you?

It depends on what kind of person you are.

Are you a person who thinks in pictures and love to imagine everything?

Or do you love to listen to audiobooks and perceive information with words?

Or are you a very sensitive person who feels everything, and you need to touch everything?

Choose a few you like most, try them yourself, and stick with the best techniques.

Of course, there are many more advanced techniques for changing a money mindset, but I suggest them to people only after a personal coach-session when I get to know a person better. Then I can create an individual program and a plan for what to do and how to do it.

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