The feeling of Gratitude as a Life Changer

Gratitude is a feeling of appreciation. 

Basically, gratitude is a sort of affirmation that is presented with appreciation (e.g., I’m grateful for my healthy and vibrant body)

Gratitude changes your energy flow and focus. Before, you might have focused on what you didn’t have or on your problems and obstacles.

“I don’t have enough money; I don’t have time; Why did that happen to me?” you thought.

With the help of gratitude, you focus on what is good right now and what you already have. That creates a flow of positive feelings, which attract new positive events and things into your life. Gratitude is the best way to bring more good into your life. Once you feel differently about what you already have, you start to attract more of the good things you can be thankful for. Gratitude is a very powerful tool for creation affirmations.

Gratitude creates a much stronger flow of positive emotions than affirmation.

You can be grateful for

  1. what you already have
  2. for what you don’t have but want to get.

Compare these two statements:

  • «I earn $200,000 a year,» and
  • «Thank you for making $200,000 a year.»

Try to apply this to your life, and you will feel that when you use an affirmation in the form of gratitude, you have much more faith in what you’re saying. You feel like it has happened already. And that’s what we want to achieve! Just in the same moment, you are strongly attracting your desire into your reality.

Don’t hesitate to thank the Universe for things you currently don’t have. Firstly, you create your reality in your mind, and only then it manifests in the physical world.

A big mistake people make is they observe reality and only then create what they want. But the current reality was created with thoughts and feelings that you had a few years ago. So now, in the real world, you are observing the old version of the inner reality you had.

If you change the energy flow with gratitude, your reality will change automatically.

Many people tend to see their failures and flaws rather than their achievements and successes. After achieving a goal, they feel happy for a week and then completely forget about this achievement. They lose too quickly the sense of joy and happiness that they got thanks to this achievement.

They set a new goal again. 

By focusing on what has not yet been achieved, they unconsciously reinforce the idea of our failure. 

How do you feel when you think about something you want but don’t have right now? Disappointed? Upset? Hopeless?

Look for the moments when you have won, when you have surpassed yourself when you have succeeded.

How did you feel then?

Over the moon? Elated? Happy and joyful?

Yes, and these emotions attract more success to your life and, certainly, more money!

Remember how you overcame difficulties and obstacles. Be proud of yourself. Perceive yourself as a winner.

It won’t prevent you from striving for new goals; on the contrary, it will give you the strength and energy to succeed once again.

Success attracts new success. The more successful you feel from past ventures, the more success you will achieve.

You attract all the new winnings into your life. This is how the law of attraction works. It attracts to you events that correspond to the major image in your mind.

3 things to remember

  1. You can be thankful for what you already have and for what you don’t have
  2. When you say you’re grateful, really feel gratitude
  3. Repeat the same gratitude affirmations daily

It is vital to regularly repeat gratitude affirmations. The point is to get into a state of gratitude and always be in it.

The rule is to be grateful for what you already have, dreaming about reaching new peaks.

But what usually happens?

People complain about what they don’t have, that they can’t achieve their goals, and why it is so tough.

And the Universe hears only «I don’t have it» and «I can’t get it,» and as a result, gives a person more obstacles supporting his “lack of everything” mindset.

Always strive for new goals, but be grateful for the ones you have achieved, as those who will be given more and those who have none will be taken away from what they have.

Where to start?

  1. Write a list of the things you are grateful for. It can be a loving spouse, kids, a car, your house, or a job you work on. Write whatever comes into your mind 
  2. Return to this list daily, rereading it and feeling grateful.
  3. Develop a habit of thanking for all the good that happens daily
  4. Every evening before you go to bed, remember what good happened today and thank the universe for it.

It will bring you many more of the same good things in life

If you are grateful for what you have now, you will notice how these spheres will skyrocket soon.

You will notice your mood goes up during the day as gratitude becomes your prevailing feeling.

Being grateful, you will attract more money and people who will help you make more money, so your lifestyle will change. The feeling of not having led to disappointment and, as a result, to a negative attitude towards yourself and the world.

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