5 mistakes you make

5 mistakes you make, and that’s why you struggle for money

First of all, you should understand that your material reality is the representation of your thoughts and feelings. Once you change your feelings and thoughts, your reality will change in response.

So, let us reveal these mistakes and correct them.

1. You fight against the things you don’t want and wish to get rid of them.

Do you think about getting rid of the debts you have? You want to receive money and close them all at once.

Do you think how tired you are due to your job? You hate your job and want to get rid of it.

You think about all the troubles and problems you have in life, and you wish to resolve all of them to breathe freely. Correct?

Have you noticed that all your thoughts and feelings about the things you don’t want?

As to the Law of Attraction, you attract what you think most of all into your life. That’s why you attract more debts, problems, and troubles at work.

To make more money, you should dream about what you really want to buy with the help of money. You want to live in a dream house, have a business, work from home, and feel abundant and joyful. So, do yourself a favor – think about the things you want!

2. You complain and feel resentment

The more you complain about life and the things you have or don’t have, the more you plunge into poor reality and lack of money.

I understand you; in my childhood, I was taught to behave in a similar way. The more I complained, the more my mum bought me. But the Universe isn’t the mum. It works differently. It doesn’t feel pity toward you; instead, it multiplies what you feel and think right now.

So, you live in an illusion. You think if you complain, you will get what you want, but in reality, it blocks your money flow.

Please read the article “Feel the Feeling,” You will find out how I attracted financial freedom into my life.

3. You feel a shortage and lack of money

Yes, I understand you; I was in your shoes. Of course, you feel this way when you want something and can not afford to buy it.

But, the law of attraction is inevitable. Therefore, you will plunge into debt even more.

What can you do?

  1. Minimize your money shortage feelings. Yes, you feel a lack of money but try to accept it and not focus on it on a regular basis. The more you fight against something, the more it persists.
  2. Express more joy about the things that you buy! I am sure you buy many things, but we get used to ignoring the good things we have. Switch your focus from shortage feelings to joyful feelings, and your energy switches in response from money repulsive to money-attracting.
  3. Feel gratitude for the things you have
  4. Dream about the things you want and feel happy about the idea that one day you will have it all

4. You are too obsessed with billsand lack of money

You have dozens of bills to pay. You focus on bills, get money, and pay the bills. Sometimes, you are short on money and can not pay the bill, so you continue to focus on it.

Day in and day out, you think about bills. Life is like a nonstop race of getting and paying bills. It shouldn’t be that way. Life is about manifesting your dreams and creating your desired lifestyle.

But, if you think all day long about the bills, what will the Universe give you? Obviously, more and more bills.

And when prices go up, you feel deep resentment. Negative feelings attract things that cause negative feelings. And you are in a vicious circle when life gets harder and harder.

What should you do? Switch your focus on income! Instead of complaining about bills, feel joy about receiving money. Anticipate new and new income. That will switch you to money attracting circle.

5. Thoughts “I should” and “I must” block your money flow

  • I should make more money
  • I should be a good parent
  • I must make it happen
  • I must pay the bills

And hundreds more “I should” and “I must”…

How do you feel when you think “I should” and “I must”?

You feel tension and stress, don’t you?

The more stressed you are, the less creative and effective you act.

It’s like hiking in the mountains with a super heavy backpack. All your “shoulds” and “musts” increase the weight of your backpack. And, at some point, you run out of energy, so you can not proceed with a trip.

The same happens in life. You have so many obligations towards yourself and others that you find yourself in depression. You don’t want anything because you’re empty.

What is the solution to this?

  1. Let go of all “shoulds,” “and musts.”
  2. Change them to wants!
  3. Think about your “wants.”

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