How to change beliefs with affirmations?

Affirmations are thoughts that you constantly repeat silently or out loud with the intention of believing them.

Let’s take the real person, my friend Andrew and create affirmations for him.

I always heard from him

  • That Ukraine was a backward country; there were no opportunities here
  • To make money, you need to have money! And I don’t have money, so there is no way to earn more money for me.
  • I don’t have an education for the high-paid job
  • You won’t earn all the money in the word

(that meant why to work hard, you would lack money anyway)

  • I can’t earn more money as a taxi driver
  • I can’t do any other job, and it’s too late to study
  • If we were born into a poor family, we would be poor
  • It’s impossible to be rich for us

He believed that Ukraine was a backward country and there were no opportunities to earn money.

Let us create affirmations:

  • There is an opportunity for me in Ukraine to get rich!
  • Even in a backward country, I can be rich!
  • There are rich people in backward countries, as well as super poor people in advanced countries. I choose to be among the rich!

He believed that to make money, you need to have money! And I don’t have money, so there is no way to earn more money for me.

When I asked him, why did he believe in it, he told that for starting business you need money to buy goods you would be trading and invest lots of money into advertisement.

  • I need only an idea to make money!
  • If I have a great idea, investors will come and they will take care about starting capital.
  • Dreams come true! If I dream about earning money, I will come up with an idea to make big money.

Instead of focusing on some traditional business, he could have considered untraditional or internet business where he could start without any investments. 

He believed, that if he didn’t have an education he would not get the high-paid job. Yes, this is mainly true about traditional jobs. Just step outside of generally accepted standarts, and you are in the totally new world, where you set up the rules.

  • I can start my own business without any education

And really there were so much evidences, that people without education started and succeeded in business.

That belief was sort of joke, but later it became his stopping point:

You won’t earn all the money in the word. That meant if you could not earn BIG money why to bother to earn a little more. You would lack money anyway

“I can’t earn more money as a taxi driver”, he repeated consistently.

Okay, maybe it was true, because he was working 8-10 hours a day and he could not raise the prices, because people would refuse to get a ride with him.

He loved driving a car, that was why he had chosen to be a taxi driver. But he could be a personal driver, he could transport goods.

So, the new affirmations would look like this:

  • I can earn more money being still being a driver!
  • I work as a driver and I make twice as much money

I cant do any other job, and its too late to study.

  • I can start study right away!
  • I will find a new job for me I feel passionate about

If we were born into a poor family, we would be poor

  • In the era of internet everybody can be rich regardless where and in what family they were born
  • In the new reality I can find a great opportunity for me

It’s impossible to be rich for us

  • If only I dream about being rich, I will be rich because dreams come true.

Mainly his beliefs were formed on the basis of traditional business and traditional job. And he completely dismissed luck!

  • I am lucky and I will find a great high paid occupation for me!

During my 14-years coaching career I helped people to create thousands of affirmations.

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