What is self-suggestion? And how to use it to attract money?

Self-suggestion is a conscious or unconscious influence on the subconsciousness through words, images, or feelings.  In this article, when discussing self-suggestion, I mean only conscious suggestions.

Unconscious suggestion happens all day long when we see, hear, feel, and even think about something.

For example, you get bad news, and you think, “life sucks,” and simultaneously feel upset and disappointed about life. This was an act of self-suggestion; moreover, it was a negative one. You reinforce the belief “life sucks” in your subconscious mind.

It’s impossible to control unconscious suggestions. But we can control conscious self-suggestion, which will build up our positive beliefs.

Our life is a reflection of all our beliefs. Most of them were formed automatically, and we were unaware of that.

For example, as a child, if you were often told, “you are a loser,” and you can not be rich because you were born into a poor family, then thanks to constant repetition, your subconsciousness would believe in this deception. If a person repeatedly encounters a lie, they start to take it for the truth and will believe that it is true.

(If you have watched the movie “Inception” (2010) starring Leonardo DiCaprio, you know what I am talking about).

Subconsciousness does not distinguish between bad or good thoughts or positive or negative feelings. It accepts everything that it perceives. Therefore, you need to consciously instill the idea that you are rich in the subconsciousness. You will be continuously told that you cannot make money and be as successful as they are, so you have to feed your subconsciousness with uplifting thoughts. This process is called self-suggestion.

By the way, you are the only person who is responsible for what you believe in.

You choose who you want to be and what you want to achieve in life, and you start hammering these ideas into your subconscious mind daily. It is not an easy process, but it is quite simple. The main challenge is consistency because you must constantly feed the subconscious mind with constructive ideas. Otherwise, it turns back to negativity.

Information that surrounds us is oppressive. Looking over Instagram, we see everybody is so successful, and only we are losers. So, if we don’t keep track of the information that our subconscious perceives, we have one chance out of twenty of being successful.

Yes, we must intentionally close our eyes to avoid seeing things that cause us harm. No, other people don’t harm you, and they don’t instill into your subconscious mind negative beliefs. They just make you do it by yourself!

Self-suggestion helps us focus on success and all the good things that surround us in life. If we do it, we will attract more good things into our lives.

The world around us is a reflection of our inner world. Self-suggestion helps to shape the world within us, which correspondingly changes the external world. The external world is a mirror of the inner world. The mirror only reflects the essence. Self-suggestion can change the essence, which will affect external reflection.

Let’s take a look at a person who is not familiar with self-suggestion. When an unpleasant event happens, they get upset and complain, “It’s so difficult to live in the world, no money, no opportunities, I will never make it.” The subconscious mind quickly perceives these ideas and believes it is true because a person says them full of feelings. And the subconscious mind realizes his ideas. The result: everything gets even worse.  

What does the person who uses self-suggestion do? 

  1. Choose what they want to have or achieve.
  2. Uses self-suggestion day after day to achieve their goals
  3. If something bad happens, they think, “The Universe knows best how to achieve my goal.”
  4. Trust the subconscious mind that it is working towards achieving a goal and that there is no need to worry about it.

The person who perceives events in this way moves steadily towards his goal, and the longer they use self-suggestion, the faster they move towards a goal.

The hardest part is at the beginning when there is no faith yet, but pure enthusiasm, and when there is no evidence that self-suggestion works whatsoever. Work on self-suggestion for a month, expecting no results. Be prepared and trust that; eventually, you will achieve your goal. I will warn you that things even may get worse. But this is only from your standpoint. In reality, the Universe destroys your current comfort zone you are living in, so you change the way and take the right turn.

For example, at some point in time, when I was self-suggesting earning $10000 a month, I was demoted at my job. I thought that was the end of the world, and I was in depression. But, thanks to that, I decided to quit the job and earn money in my personal development business.

People get used to what they have, even if they have nothing. They get used to total poverty and the worst reality, but for our brain, the most important thing should be familiar and consistent.

Any way out of the comfort zone is perceived as a negative.

Later on, it will be easier to continue because you will find ideas for achieving your goal or coming across some miraculous events in your life, and you will start to see and believe in the new, better reality. Until then, you’ll have to go by faith. Be ready for this.

Many people heard about self-suggestion or even know how to use it, but why do they get no results? Why? They can not go through the initial period when they don’t see with their eyes and progress toward their goal.


Faith is a state of mind achieved through affirmations and repetitive statements that influence the subconscious mind through self-suggestion. Faith is a state of mind that can be developed at will.

Those who failed in life, who have ended in poverty and suffering, have applied the self-suggestion against themselves.

Self-suggestion can lift you to unprecedented heights or throw you off to the bottom, depending on how you use it.

Self-suggestion will help you make money and make your dreams come true. Any idea or thought can be put into the mind by repeating it over and over again.

That’s why you have to write down your main goal or specific milestones and read this statement daily. You should do it until it reaches your subconsciousness. A person eventually starts to believe in the words they suggest, and it doesn’t matter if this is true or false.

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