Why do prospects disappear

Why do prospects disappear when I text them a price?

In 14 years, I’ve coached thousands of entrepreneurs, and many of them complained that clients don’t buy.

I asked them about a specific sale when a client had not bought their services.

They told me the following story: “They texted me on Instagram enquiring about the price. I texted them back the price and the description of the service they would get for the price. After that – silence! No answer, and never had I heard anything from that client again. They just disappear”.

“Did you write them enquiring about their decision?” I asked.

“No, I didn’t. I didn’t want to be pushy. If they wanted to order, they would have texted me.”

Do you know why they were losing clients?

Their offer sucks! Basically, there was NO OFFER. Just stating the price is the most awful offer I can imagine.

By stating the price, they just cut off the conversation.

What should they have done differently?

Never-Never text the price for your services for inquiries from new potential clients. You will immediately lose a sale.

Initiate a voice conversation!

The chances to sell to a new prospect over the phone skyrocket! In this case, the odds will be in your favor.

  1. You’ll build a connection with a person. If you do everything right, you will earn trust.
  2. You’ll ask questions and specify exactly what the client wants!
  3. You’ll make an irresistible offer for the client’s specific needs.
  4. You’ll listen to the reaction of a potential client, and you can handle objections right away. If a client hesitates or says, “I’ll think about it,” you can negotiate a price and terms at the moment.

You already know the rule “I’ll think about it” means NO!

How to initiate a voice conversation?

The easiest way is just to call a prospect on the platform they inquired about the price.

If you hesitate to call without permission (or if a prospect hasn’t answered your call), just text back: “Could I call you to discuss details? I state a price. I need to ask you some questions to specify exactly your need”.

I totally understand you – it’s challenging to call someone you don’t know. You’re afraid of rejection or nasty comments. I went through this, but I guarantee you’ll quadruple your conversion and make way more money! Isn’t it worth it?

Book a free 15-minute call with me, and I’ll help you with sales conversation. Believe me, it’s easy! Once you discover how to conduct a conversation with a prospect, you’ll enjoy the process and have fun. Moreover, your close rate will skyrocket.

If you don’t want to initiate a voice conversation with a total stranger in any way, go ahead with text messages only to warm up your relationship.

  1. Ask questions to specify the client’s wants
  2. Show examples of your works and ask which one they like most.
  3. Give multiple prices (maximum 3) starting from the highest to the lowest.

After you’ve built a rapport via text messages, suggest talking over the phone to finalize the deal. At this point, it’ll be much easier for you and your prospect to connect. 

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