3 mistakes that result in lost sales

3 mistakes that result in lost sales

1. We don’t sell at all, assuming people will buy if they like our services.

When I started doing my first coach-sessions, I was very disappointed that people didn’t continue coaching with me. They usually said “Thank you” at the end, and never again I heard anything from them.

My first and major mistake was that I didn’t sell anything. I assumed that if they liked my services, they would have asked about it. But I was strongly mistaken.

At this stage, I lost tons of sales. And when I finally understood that it was me who was doing something wrong, I started to search Google.

I understood I had to present clients with my services because they didn’t know about them. How could they buy things they were unaware of?

2. We talk and talk about our products and services.

I decided to talk about my services. After finishing a coach-session, I talked about my 3-month mentorship program. People respectfully listened but still didn’t buy as much as I expected. But in this case, the conversion rate was higher. Some people were interested; they asked questions and eventually enrolled in my program.

But within me, I felt an intense disgust towards this approach. As a creative individual, I hated to be pushy and salesy. And I felt that people didn’t listen to me; they just wanted me to finish my talk and quit a call ASAP.

Those feelings pushed me to find another approach, the one I would like and feel comfortable with.

A few years later, I found and read the book “SPIN Sales” by Neil Rackham. It was a game-changer! I discovered that asking questions was a much more effective approach than just talking. As a coach, I LOVED asking questions! “Thanks to questions, I can sell my services!” It was a breakthrough.

The idea was to ask questions to discover in detail what people want and then sell it to them. It sounded reasonable.

I understood my mistake: I talked about the things that were important to me but didn’t make sense to my clients. It was like shooting in the dark, hoping to hit a target.

I’d better ask questions to find the target and hit it with one shot!

We don’t make a close.

That approach was powerful. For the first time in my life, I felt happy while selling as I didn’t feel pushy or salesy.

And it generated much more sales!

But still, I faced a problem when people told me: “Great! I’m interested. I’ll enroll once I receive money.” But they never got back to me.

I felt they were truly interested and wanted to buy, but they didn’t. WHY?

I started my new research.

I encountered the term “close a sale.” I didn’t understand what it meant. I figured out that people had objections and thoughts preventing them from buying. That’s why they took some time to think and, of course, never returned because they didn’t have answers to those questions.

For example, prospects always have a question: “Why should I buy right now? I can do it later.” And if you don’t give them a strong reason, they will back out. Prospects have a lot of bills to pay, they choose between you and competitor, between paying you and buying their kids some clothes, and endless reasons.

They always think, “It’s too expensive,” so you have to handle this objection even if they don’t ask you.

So, closing the sales means answering all their objections to make them buy from you.

Read in detail how to making a sale.

It was so difficult to talk about their objections. It felt like I was meddling in their personal matters, but I tried to test this approach. I couldn’t have expected people to be thankful for helping them decide immediately.

I’d willingly help you close more sales and communicate with your prospects so they buy right away withing thinking and hesitating. Sign up for a free 15-minute consultation with me, so I can help you.


  1. Sell your services! People don’t know what you have to offer, and they won’t ask.
  2. Find out what they really want and sell it to them
  3. Talk about their objections and close the sale

Sign up for a free 15-minute consultation with me, and you'll discover how to encourage people to pay immediately instead of saying 'I'll think about it,' all without being pushy

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