Work Hard

Why do you work so hard and haven’t gotten a raise in income?

Let me tell an inconvenient and brutal truth:

The rise in income does NOT depend on how hard you work!

I coached hundreds of clients who had been working hard for decades in their job and received a non or insignificant promotion, therefore non or tiny raise in income.

They signed up for my coaching to understand what they had been doing wrong. Why didn’t they get a promotion?

My first question puzzled them even more. I asked if they had ever asked for a raise.

“What? Why did I need to ask? My boss noticed that I came into the office early in the morning and left way after the working day was over! We did our job excellently!” they replied, astounded.

I shot my next question: “The better you worked, the more loyal to a boss and a company you were, the more tasks you were assigned to do?”

“Yes, at first, I worked 8 hours a day. Then I worked 10 hours a day, and finally, I came at 8 AM and left at 10 PM; that was 14 working hours”, they answered in confusion.

“And you thought that if you managed to do all the work great, you would get a promotion?” continued I.

“That’s right! How did you know everything?” they asked.

“You see, a boss thought that everything was good for you if you didn’t ask! You could continue the way it was, and you would ask when you wanted it badly. Bosses were not interested in paying more. They want you to work for a minimal wage. That’s why they assigned you more tasks without paying extra money”, explained I.

“But, I didn’t know how to ask for a raise. What if I got fired?” they said, scared.

“Yes, I heard you! And you were told, “work hard, and you will make decent money,” right?” asked I.

“Yes! You were 100% right”, they replied.

Are the answers of a person in the dialogue familiar to you? Are you thinking the same way?

This belief “work hard and you will make decent money” is from our parents. Read more about beliefs. I remember my parents told me the same. And they really believed that way, but now the time has changed.

To get more money, you need to ask for more! And I understand it’s super tough because you were taught not to ask anything and do everything yourself.

That belief prevents you from making more money. You believe that your boss cares about you. That’s a really good thing to believe, but it’s not true. Your boss cares only about himself and his family. He has his own boss and his problems. He doesn’t have time to think about you! You need to ask if you want!

And it’s not only about your boss – it’s about life! To get something, you need to ask God or Higher Power.

A habit of asking for whatever you want is one of the most fundamental habits in life.

Of course, when you ask a boss for a raise, you won’t get it immediately.

I heard many times from people: “I asked but got NO, so I didn’t ask again”.

You continue to ask and then ask again. A boss should distinctly understand that you’re determined to get a raise! And you will get it!

Why don’t people ask? It’s painful to ask and get rejected. They don’t want to be humiliated. And people don’t want to be rejected; that’s why they’d better not ask at all.

We got a raise with more than 95% of my clients. If they didn’t get a raise after the first ask, we built a sales strategy to present themselves to get a raise. You can always do many things to get more money at your job.

Ask, and you will get it!

But ask numerous times! Ask until you get what you want!

If you are scared to ask people, ask God first!

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